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Anna Davis: Birth: 1846 in Redwick Gloucestershire. Death: 29 Apr 1907 in Bucklebury St Mary The Virgin
Anne Davis: Birth: 1808 in Cromhall Gloucestershire.
Eliza Anne Davis: Birth: 1839 in Redwick Gloucestershire. Death: 1920 in Thornbury Gloucestershire
Elizabeth Davis: Birth: 1812 in crabtree Devon.
George H Davis: Birth: 1856 in Elberton Gloucestershire.
George H Davis: Birth: 1879 in Olveston Gloucestershire.
George Davis: Birth: 1810 in Cromhall Gloucestershire. Death: 1882 in Thornbury Gloucestershire
Harriet Emma Davis: Birth: 1837 in Redwick, Gloucestershire, England. Death: Jun 1901 in Thornbury Gloucestershire
Henry Williiam Davis: Birth: 1853 in Redwick Gloucestershire.
John T Davis: Birth: 1877 in Olveston Gloucestershire.
John Davis: Birth: 3 May 1777 in Thornbury Gloucestershire.
John Davis: Birth: 1823 in Cromhall Gloucestershire.
Louisa Davis: Birth: 1840 in Redwick, Gloucestershire, England.
Mary J Davis: Birth: 1881 in Olveston Gloucestershire.
Mary Davis: Birth: 1815 in Cromhall Gloucestershire.
Sarah Davis: Birth: 1844 in Redwick, Gloucestershire, England.
Sarah Davis: Birth: 26 May 1776 in Crossways THornbury Gloucestershire.
Sidney J Davis: Birth: 1862 in Elberton Gloucestershire.
Susan Mary Davis: Birth: 1836 in Thornbury Gloucestershire. Death: 1855 in Thornbury Gloucestershire
THomas H Davis: Birth: 1859 in Elberton Gloucestershire.
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Alice DAW: Birth: Abt 1775 in Gloucestershire. Death: 1846 in Dursley Gloucestershire
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Abbie Dawkins: Birth: 1858 in Cransley Northamptonshire.
Alfred James Dawkins: Birth: 1856 in Cransley Northamptonshire.
Elizabeth Dawkins: Birth: 1860 in Cransley Northamptonshire.
John William Dawkins: Birth: 1854 in Cransley Northamptonshire.
Julia Dawkins: Birth: 1851 in Cransley Northamptonshire.
Maria Dawkins: Birth: 1849 in Cransley Northamptonshire.
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Alice Dawson: Birth: 1867 in Oldham Lancashire.
Annie Dawson: Birth: 1860 in Todmordon Lancashire.
Arthur Dawson: Birth: 1873 in Oldham Lancashire.
Evina Dawson: Birth: 1862 in Todmordon Lancashire.
Harry Dawson: Birth: 1875 in Oldham Lancashire.
John Dawson: Birth: 1838 in Todmordon Lancashire.
Sidney Dawson: Birth: 1854 in Todmordon Lancashire.
Ann Day: Birth: 1811 in Llandogo, Monmouth, Wales.
Eliza Day: Birth: 1813 in Llandogo, Monmouth, Wales.
Emma Day: Birth: 1815 in Llandogo, Monmouth, Wales.
James Day: Birth: 1817 in Llandogo Wales.
May Ann Day: Birth: 1842 in Birmingham Warwickshire.
Samuel Day: Birth: 1820 in Llandogo, Monmouth, Wales. Death: 1891 in Thornbury Gloucestershire
Samuel Day: Birth: 1811 in Thornbury Gloucestershire. Death: 1866 in Thornbury Gloucestershire
Susannah Day: Birth: 1715 in Fen Stanton Huntingdonshire. Death: 18 Jul 1783 in Fen Stanton Huntingdonshire
Thomas Day: Birth: 1845 in Thornbury Gloucestershire.
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Emeline Dean: Birth: 1851 in Leeds Yorkshire.
Bernard Swale Dewhurst: Birth: Abt 1881.
Emily Brown Dewhurst: Birth: 1868 in Lytham Lancashire.
Frances Grace Dewhurst: Birth: 1900 in Southport Lancashire.
Francis Charles Dewhurst: Birth: 1866 in Lytham Lancashire.
James Edwin Dewhurst: Birth: 1873 in Lytham Lancashire.
John W Dewhurst: Birth: 1872 in Lytham Lancashire.
Margaret Ann Dewhurst: Birth: 1871 in Lytham Lancashire.
Margaret Annie Dewhurst: Birth: 1896 in Southport Lancashire.
Thomas Branthwaite Dewhurst: Birth: 1869 in Lytham Lancashire.
Thomas Dewhurst: Birth: 1841 in Lytham Lancashire. Death: 1872 in Fylde Lancashire
William Henry Dewhurst: Birth: 1870 in Lytham Lancashire. Death: 1872 in Fylde Lancashire
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George Dimond: Birth: 1834 in Otterby Dorset.
Louisa Dimond: Birth: 1875 in Stockland, Devon, England.
Maria Dimond: Birth: 1864 in Ilchester Dorset.
Mary T Dimond: Birth: 1853 in Ionsbury??.
Maud Alice Dimond: Birth: 1888 in Upottery Devon.
Elizabeth Dimory: Birth: Abt 1789 in Slimbridge Gloucestershire. Death: 1842/1845 in Dursley Gloucestershire
Charlotte Doble: Birth: 1830 in Upottery Devon.
Eliza Doble: Birth: 1831 in Upottery Devon.
James Doble: Birth: 1805.
Jane Doble: Birth: 1836 in Upottery Devon.
John Doble: Birth: 1834 in Upottery Devon.
William Doble: Birth: 1831 in Upottery Devon.
William A Dolan: Birth: 1900 in Church Town. North Meols, Lancashire North Meols Lancashire.
William Dolan: Birth: 1874 in Belfast Ireland.
Ada Victoria Dole: Birth: 1868 in Laverton Wiltshire.
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Anna Maria Drew: Birth: 1846 in Sandford, Devon, England.
Annie R Drew: Birth: 1872 in Ottery St Mary Devon.
Bessie Drew: Birth: 1874 in Bridgwater, Somerset, England.
Charlotte Drew: Birth: 1852 in Sandford, Devon, England.
Ellen Drew: Birth: 1857 in Tiverton Devon.
Emma Jane Drew: Birth: 1867 in Ottery St Mary Devon.
Francis Drew: Birth: 1853 in Sandford, Devon, England.
Frank Drew: Birth: 1877 in St Georges Gloucestershire. Death: 1896 in Bristol
Henry Drew: Birth: 1842 in Sandford, Devon, England.
James Drew: Birth: 1839 in Sandford, Devon, England.
James Drew: Birth: 1812 in Sandford, Devon, England.
John Drew: Birth: 1849 in Sandford, Devon, England.
Mary A Drew: Birth: 1863 in Ottery St Mary Devon.
mary Ann Drew: Birth: 1844 in Sandford, Devon, England.
Rhoda Drew: Birth: 1869 in Ottery St Mary Devon.
James Dutton: Birth: 1871 in Southport Lancashire.

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