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Annie Emma Pope: Birth: 1867 in Yarcombe Devon.
Emily Pope: Birth: 1857 in Yarcombe Devon.
Emma Pope: Birth: 1836 in Yarcombe Devon.
George Pope: Birth: 1830 in Yarcombe Devon.
John Pope: Birth: 1818 in Yarcombe Devon.
Joseph Pope: Birth: 1792 in Cotleigh Devon.
Louisa Pope: Birth: 1831 in Yarcombe Devon.
Mary Pope: Birth: 1828 in Yarcombe Devon.
Robert Pope: Birth: 1819 in Yarcombe Devon.
Sarah Pope: Birth: 1832 in Yarcombe Devon.
Ann Porter: Birth: 1857 in Halsall lancashire.
Ann Porter: Birth: 1894 in Halsall lancashire.
Ann Porter: Birth: 1900 in Halsall lancashire.
Elizabeth Porter: Birth: 1870 in Halsall lancashire.
Ellen Porter: Birth: 1874 in Halsall lancashire.
Ellen Porter: Birth: 1898 in Halsall lancashire.
George Porter: Birth: 1864 in Halsall lancashire.
Henry Porter: Birth: 1872 in Halsall lancashire.
Henry Porter: Birth: 1900 in Halsall lancashire.
Henry Porter: Birth: 1829 in Scarisbrick Lancashire.
Henry Porter: Birth: 1885 in Halsall lancashire.
Margaret Alice Porter: Birth: 1876 in Halsall lancashire.
mary Porter: Birth: 1896 in Halsall lancashire.
Mary Porter: Birth: 1866 in Halsall lancashire.
William Porter: Birth: 1887 in Halsall lancashire.
William Porter: Birth: 1863 in Halsall lancashire.
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Henry Potter: Birth: 1880 in Chardstock Dorset.
John Potter: Birth: 1851 in Matlock Derbyshire.
Nelly Potter: Birth: 1878 in Yarcombe Devon.
Tom Potter: Birth: 1855 in Chardstock Dorset.
Ada Elzabeth Price: Birth: 1870 in Bristol.
Annie Augusta Pritchard: Birth: 1872 in Rockhampton, Gloucester, England.
Edith Pritchard: Birth: 1879 in Winterbourne Gloucestershire.
Emily Pritchard: Birth: 1862 in Thornbury Gloucestershire.
Eunice Hannah Pritchard: Birth: 1894 in Rockhampton, Gloucester, England.
F Pritchard: Birth: 1883 in Winterbourne Gloucestershire.
Frances Mary Pritchard: Birth: 1893 in Rockhampton, Gloucester, England.
Frances Pritchard: Birth: 1866 in Rockhampton, Gloucester, England.
Frank Pritchard: Birth: 1864 in Rockhampton, Gloucester, England.
Frederick Pritchard: Birth: 1881 in Charfield Gloucestershire.
Gilbert Leslie Pritchard: Birth: 1900 in Kingswood Gloucestershire.
James Pritchard: Birth: 1822 in Winterbourne Gloucestershire.
James Pritchard: Birth: 1851 in Ebbw Vale Monmouthshire.
John Henry H Pritchard: Birth: 1890 in Crick Monmouthshire.
John Pritchard: Birth: 1795 in Rockhampton, Gloucester, England.
Joseph Pritchard: Birth: 1835 in Rockhampton, Gloucester, England.
Lavinia Pritchard: Birth: 1842 in Rockhampton, Gloucester, England.
Lucy Pritchard: Birth: 1886 in Cromhall Gloucestershire.
Marion j Pritchard: Birth: 1887 in Charfield Gloucestershire.
Mary Ann Pritchard: Birth: 1868 in Winterbourne Gloucestershire.
Mary J Pritchard: Birth: 1880 in Rockhampton, Gloucester, England.
Mary Pritchard: Birth: 1876 in Winterbourne Gloucestershire.
May Pritchard: Birth: 1896 in Winterbourne Gloucestershire.
Philippa Pritchard: Birth: 1845 in Winterbourne Gloucestershire.
Phoebe Pritchard: Birth: 1887 in Winterbourne Gloucestershire.
Robert Stanley Pritchard: Birth: 1899 in Kingswood Gloucestershire.
Robert Pritchard: Birth: 1870 in Rockhampton, Gloucester, England.
Sydney Pritchard: Birth: 1884 in Charfield Gloucestershire.
Thomas Pritchard: Birth: 1836 in Rockhampton, Gloucester, England.
Thurza Pritchard: Birth: 1855 in Rosea Monmouthshire.
Walter Pritchard: Birth: 1868 in Rockhampton, Gloucester, England.
Hannah Rachel Proctor: Birth: 1854 in Liverpool Lancashire.
Dorothy Protheroe: Birth: 1900 in camberwell London.
Edwin George Protheroe: Birth: 1867 in Wandsworth Surrey.
Edwin Protheroe: Birth: 1836 in Northampton All Saints.
George S Protheroe: Birth: 1871 in Brighton Sussex.
George Protheroe: Birth: 1848 in St Sepulchr Northampton.
George Protheroe: Birth: 1892 in camberwell London.
Harriet Protheroe: Birth: 10 Aug 1812 in Bridstow Herefordshire.
Henry Protheroe: Birth: 1845 in Northampton.
John Patherus Protheroe: Birth: 1805 in Bridstow Herefordshire.
John Protheroe: Birth: 1862 in Walworth? Surrey.
John Protheroe: Birth: 1832 in Northampton Northamptonshire.
Mary Agnes C (Polly) Protheroe: Birth: 1870 in Stepney Middlesex.
Mary Ann Protheroe: Birth: 1831 in Northampton All Saints.
Nora Protheroe: Birth: 1892 in camberwell London.
Swain Patherus M Protheroe: Birth: 1841 in St Sepulchr Northampton. Death: 1895 in Camberwell
Person Not Viewable
Emily Pryce: Birth: 1848 in knockin Shropshire.
Elizabeth Harriet Pugh: Birth: 1880 in Manchester.

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