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Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

Person Not Viewable . He/She was the son/daughter of Wilhelm Tucholski and Louise Quader.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

Wilhelm Tucholski was born 3 Dec 1836 in Neuguth bei Deutsch-Eylau ( 2.12.1835 ?), and died 10 Nov 1925 in Marienwerder.

Louise Quader was born 29 Jun 1842 in Sommerau (26.06.1841 ?), and died 18 Oct 1927 in Marienwerder.

Children of Louise /Quader/ and Wilhelm /Tucholski/ are:
  1. Friedrich Tucholski was born 26 Apr 1863 in Gro� Steinersdorf.

  2. Pauline Tucholski was born 25 Aug 1864 in Steinersdorf bei Deutsch-Eylau, and died 1 Feb 1950 in L�neburg. She married Bernhard Osten. He was born 3 Sep 1863 in Steinersdorf bei Deutsch-Eylau, and died 9 Mar 1931 in F�rstenwalde.

  3. Marie Tucholskidied BEF. 1926. She married Heinrich Schwarz. He died ABT. 1945 in entweder Schlawe oder Deutsch Krone. He was buried in Hamburg Ohlsdorf.

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