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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth Black: Birth: ABT 1772.

  2. Sarah BLACK: Birth: ABT 1774.

  3. Skiff\Skipp Richards\Richardson\Ritchison BLACK: Birth: ABT 1776.

  4. Thomas BLACK: Birth: ABT 1778 in probably in Pittslvania Co. Virginia. Death: 1861 in Panola County, Texas

Marriage: Children:
  1. John BLACK: Birth: ABT 1794.

  2. Absolom BLACK: Birth: ABT 1796.

  3. Nathan\Nathaniel BLACK: Birth: ABT 1800.

  4. Susanna\Susannah BLACK: Birth: ABT 1802.

a. Note:   , Virginia in 1775, for on Monday September 27,1775, he was nominated for Ensign in the Pittsylvania County Militiaand on September 26, 1776 he bought land in Pittsylvania CountyVirginia from Thomas Milburn. The men of this county spent the autumnand winter of 1775-76 on various musterfields of the County and onThursday, October 23, 1777, "Thomas Black, Gentlemen, Commissioned bythe Governor as Captain of a Company of Militia, took Oath," andfurther "in October, 1777, Thomas Black, Gentleman, was appointed tofurnish the wife of John Holt, a soldier in his country's service."Also in 1777, the names of all the men in Captain Thomas Black'sCompany who took the "Oath of Allegiance" to the Commonwealth ofVirginia were taken by the Justices of the Peace. Thomas Black,Captain, had named his brother Samuel Black as First Lieutenant of hisCompany and on May 15, 1781, in the presence of Samuel Black, FirstLieutenant, John Campbell, Second Lieutenant, and Joseph King, Ensign;Thomas Black, Captain, resigned his commission as Captain of theCompany and Lodowick/Soddomich Tuggle was appointed in his place. OnAugust 19, 1873, Archibald Young and his wife sold a tract of land toThomas Black, and in 1805, December 16, Thomas Black bought a tract ofland from Samuel Fuqua and his wife Mary. Both of these tracts werein Pittsylvania County, Virginia. On November 21, 1811, Thomas Blackand his wife Susannah sold 100 acres of land in Pittsylvania County toPhilip Grady, the deed being recorded October 19, 1812. He was about68 at the time and he served as a private in the Rifle Companycommanded by Captain Jeremiah Keen, 53rd Regiment, Virginia Militia,in the War of 1812 from March 22, 1813 through March 27, 1813. ThomasBlack, Captain, soldier, and patriot, died before June 20, 1814 forhis will was proved on that date. To this day a road in thenorthwestern part of the county is known as Black's Road.
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