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Marriage: Children:
  1. John Roberts Mickey: Birth: 9 JAN 1812 in Laurel Hill, Fayette, Pennsylvania. Death: 3 OCT 1849 in Morning Sun, Louisa, Iowa

  2. Robert Richford Mickey: Birth: 22 AUG 1814 in Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania. Death: 8 NOV 1849 in Des Moines Co., Iowa

  3. Henry Harrison Mickey: Birth: 13 APR 1816 in Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania. Death: 17 AUG 1890 in Fredonia, Iowa

Marriage: Children:
  1. Isaac Mickey: Birth: 7 MAR 1819 in Laurel Hill, Fayette, Pennsylvania.

  2. Joseph Mickey: Birth: 1821 in Laurel Hill, Fayette, Pennsylvania.

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a. Note:   --Isaac was a Lieutenant in the War of 1812. He was in Patterson's 2nd Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia 2nd Brigade commanded by Grig. General Richard Crooks. Under Captain Thomas M'Quaid's Co. of Infantry. Enlisted October 2, 1812 to April 1, 1813. Discharged at Fort Meigs, April 2, 1813. Received $24.20 subsistance pay to get home on. --September 6, 1848---Isaac and Susanna deeded 80 acres of land, near Wooster, Ohio, to Charles Ferrill for $1,200.00 --They also deeded 10 acres to the trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church at the same time. --Isaac taught school in Orange Township, Richland Co., Ohio. --1820 received a wound at Kern Creek. --1821 moved to Richland Co., Ohio --1848 moved to Koskiusko Co., Indiana SOURCE: I received this information from Jean Laws of Olympia, Washington.
  "LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF ISAAC MICKEY DECEASED To all whom it may concern, know ye that I Isaac Mickey of the County of Koskiusko and State of Indiana, being sound in mind and memory, do here by make my last Will and Testament as follows viz: I will and bequeath to my wife Susannah all my household and kitchen furniture to be at her use and disposal also to my said wife Susannah the use and control of my farm during her lifetime, and in any case the farm is not to be sold until my son Harmon is full age. Also I will that my wife Susannah shall have one hundred dollars of the money on hand or that may be first collected after my debts is paid to be at her own disposal. Also I will to my three sons in Iowa and my stepdaughter in Illinois, viz: John R., Robert R., Henry H. Mickey and Eliza Metcalf the sum of fifty dollars each to be paid out of the moneys that be on hand or first collected, and to be considered as their full dividend, and that they, the said John, Robert, Henry and Eliza are forever debarred from any further claims on my estate, either real or personal. Also I will that my daughter Lucinda and my son Harmon shall each be paid one hundred and forty dollars each, $140--to be considered an equivalent to what the older ones have already received, and not to debar them from an equal dividend of the remainder of my undivided estate, real and personal, and to be paid out of the first moneys. Lastly I will that after deducting the several sums above or before mentioned the remainder of my estate real or personal or the moneys arising therefrom shall be equally divided among the persons hereafter named, viz: my son Isaac, my daughter Margaret, my son Daniel, my son Hiram, my daughter Lucinda and my son Harmon. I further will that my wife shall have the Gray Horse, harness and buggy. Witnes my hand this third day of September, AD 1849. Eighteen hundred forty nine. All form wills to be null and void. Witness present Isaac Mickey" Robert Cook John Kingrey (Broderbund Family Archive #164, Ed. 1, Mortality Index: United States, Indiana Mort Sch, KOSCIUSKO CO., IN 1850, Date of Import: Jan. 13, 2001, Internal Ref. #1.164.2543.14)
  INDIVIDUAL: Mickey, Isaac AGE: 68 BIRTH PLACE: PA DEATH: Oct. of 1849 or 1850 CAUSE OF DEATH: Typhoid Fever is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.