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Marriage: Children:
  1. Lowell Bens Pearson: Birth: 1901 in Iowa Park, Texas. Death: 1976 in Holbrook, Arizona

  2. William Dover Pearson: Birth: 29 AUG 1906 in Tulia, Swisher, Texas. Death: FEB 1962 in Prescott, Arizona

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  Mary Ellen Dover Pearson later married William Riley Jones. 1 Windmilling, Swisher County Texas 1976-1977, Swisher County Historical Commission, P.O. Box 145, Tulia, Texas, Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, Texas 1978.
  The story below is written by Bill Jones, who was half-brother of Ben and Dover Pearson. Ben and Dover would have spent a portion of their childhood and/or yound adulthood in this household.
  W.R. Jones
  By Bill Jones, 1977
  William Riley Jones came to Swisher county in 1891 and filed a claim on a section of land east of Happy. Jones married Mrs. Ellen Pearson, a widow with two sons, Ben and Dover Pearson.
  Mary Ellen Jones came to Swisher county in the early 1900's and worked in a bakery for the late Mrs. S. B. Dyer to support herself and two little boys. She, her twin sister (Mrs. Martha Lemmons), another sister (Mrs. Mart Hyatt), and their mother (Mrs Mary Angeline Montgomery Dover) came from Parker County, Texas in 1892, and along with the maternal grandparents settled near Vigo Park, Texas. She attended school at Beverly. They lived on land later know as the old "Jackson place."
  Riley and Mary Ellen lived in the Salem community on land Riley had filed on when he first came to the county. Dorothy Othella Jones was born in 1916. S.J. (Jack) Jones was born in 1919, and Carl William (Bill) Jones was born 1921. When Dorothy was old enough to start to school, Mrs. Jones and the children lived in Tulia during the school term, returning to the farm during the summer. This arrangement continued until Bill had completed one year of school, and the depression struck -- forcing the Joneses to return to the farm to try to make a living.
  Even when we made a good crop, which was seldom, we fed our grain to the livestock in order to get a return on our investment. Of course, we sold cream and eggs like everybody else, butchered our beef and pork and did everything we could to get along. During spring and summer we raised chickens. One time Mrs. Jones told Jack and Bill that she had two old roosters she wanted to sell and they could have the proceeds. They were taken to Musick Produce Co. and sold on foot, netting 43 cents each, but that paid the admission to the Saturday afternoon matinee at the Grand Theater, bought a Denver Post, and furnished funds for a whole afternoon's entertainment.
  We had a Union Sunday School and preaching once or twice a month, not many radios, but if someone were fortunate enough to have one, they shared it with their friends and neighbors, especially the nights they had championship boxing, Amos and Andy, or one of the famous Fireside Chats with Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
  In the winter, getting to school every day on time was a problem within itself. We were luckier than some, only two and a-half miles to school. If the roads were muddy, we started before they thawed in order for the ground to support the weight of the car. if it was impossible to go by care, we either walked, rode a horse, and if the snow was too deep, we would hitch a mule to the sled and proceed.
  Riley and Ellen Jones never lived to see their only grandson, Allen, the son of Jack Jones and has lived in Bennett, Colorado all his life. Ellen Jones had seven grandchildren bearing the name of Pearson. Dover Pearson had three boys and one girl. Ben and Dover spent most of their lives in Arizona. Ben Was sheriff at Holbrook for twelve years. Dover died in 1962 at age 56.
  Riley Jones had a lot of sticktoitveness. He lived and died on land he had filed on fifty years before. He was eighty-one at the time of his death in 1942. Mary Ellen lived until 1960, and died at 78. Dorothy Jones who has been in ill health most of her life, now resides in Wood Nursing Care Center in Vernon, Texas. Jack and Bill Jones now live in Tulia. Bill has been in the beauty shop business about thirty-two years. His wife Mildred is a nurse at Swisher Clinic in Tulia. Mildred has one daughter, Carolyn, who lives in Cottonwood, Arizona. She is married to John W. Pearson, Dover Pearson's oldest child. They have one son, and Carolyn has a boy and girl by a former marriage. Bill and Mildred have no children of their own. 1 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.