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2. Title:   Claude Woodring Pearson, Tennessee Marriages 1851-1900
3. Source:   Martha Susan Horn Bible-as compiled by Simpson Co. Historical Society-for the date
4. Source:   Warren Co. marriage index shows Major Weatherspoon to Elizabeth Pearson 8/20/1845

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  Name also given as just Elizabeth A. The "Old Pearson Graveyard" is located in a grove of trees, on the farm originally owned by John R. Pearson, located on Trammel Creek. The grove is about 100 yards behind and to the left of the old house site, on top of the hill. It is enclosed by barbed wire and is badly overgrown. ===== Elizabeth never married. She lived with her father in Brunswick Co., VA until his death. She came to Kentucky in 1843, lived with John and Creacy Martin in Warren County in 1850, and died in 1852. She appointed Wiggs Pearson, her brother, the administrator of her estate. Her estate included five slaves, Fanny(sold to S.C. King for $325), Washington(sold to Isaac McMurry for $854), Austin(sold to S.C. King for $994), Mary(sold to S.C. King for $750) and Abraham(sold for $905 to Robert J. Foster), that were sold for $3,828. Bills for the estate included $6.00 to make the coffin, and $1.25 to Mary Kerby for making a "black luster" coat for her slave Austin. In suits and depositions filed in the Warren County Court, heirs living charged they had not received their shares of the estate. The documents include many depositions from relatives and others. Spinster sister of John R. Pearson I do have records for an Elizabeth Pearson m. 8/19/1845 to Major Weatherspoon. He is listed in South census 1820, Allen county census 1830 on page 46(only other that year is Hardy Witherspill p.77 Major also in 1850 census Allen county p#163, others Ewing p.163,Hardy p.162, Samuel p.168, Nancy p.162 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.