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Marriage: Children:
  1. James Pearson: Birth: BEF. 1761. Death: BET. 1811 - 1813 in Greensville Co., VA

  2. John PEARSON: Birth: BEF. 1761 in New Kent Co., VA. Death: 1832 in Brunswick Co., VA

  3. Benjamin Pearson: Birth: ABT. 1765.

  4. William Pearson: Birth: ABT. 1766 in VA. Death: ABT. 1828 in Brunswick Co., VA

  5. Littleberry Pearson: Birth: 1768 in Brunswick Co., VA. Death: 1809 in Brunswick Co., VA

  6. Morris Pearson: Birth: 1770 in Brunswick Co., VA. Death: ABT. 1855 in Brunswick Co., VA

Marriage: Children:
  1. Johnson Pearson: Birth: ABT. 1783 in Brunswick Co., VA. Death: ABT. 1824 in Brunswick Co., VA

  2. Martha Pearson: Birth: ABT. 1784 in Brunswick Co., VA.

  3. Narcissa Pearson: Birth: OCT 1790 in Brunswick Co., VA. Death: ABT. 1878 in Brunswick Co., VA

1. Title:   hettie
2. Title:   The Vestry Book and Register of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent and James City Counties,VA 1674-1786
Page:   p. 483
Author:   Chamberlayne
Publication:   The Library Board, Richmond,1937
3. Title:   Brunswick County, Virginia Deed Books, Volume 3 1755-1764
Page:   101
Author:   Dr. Stephen E. Bradley Jr.
Publication:   Lawrenceville VA 1998

a. Note:   [hettie~1.ftw]
  A John Pearson was deeded 76 acres in Isle of Wight Co.,VA on 17 Dec 1717. This is the first evidence of a John Pearson found in VA. He may have come from the British West Indies.-Mary Alma Pearson.
  **Register of St. Peters Parish, New Kent Co., VA, 1684 - 1786, page 483** "Jno ye son of Wm Pearson born Aug 19 1723" ----- **Mrs. Mary Rabold** John was exempt from taxes 1788, and was in Brunswick Co., VA by 1760 (land grants and deeds). The first record we find for him in Brunswick Co. is a grant in Land Patent Book page 393 for 350 acres of land in southern Brunswick Co. on Aug. 13, 1759. He sold this land in 1760 to Christopher Clinch after buying 517 acres on Rattlesnake Creek from Peter Hines, Deed Book 6, page 527, Nov. 12, 1759. This is the land the Pearson family settled on. Their neighbors were the Ledbetters, the Johnsons, and the Brewers. His first wife was possibly Sarah (from deed Aug. 1763 - John and wife Sarah). June 23, 1764 he and Sarah bought land from John Underwood. Sarah died before 1783 and John married Patsy Johnson, daughter of John and Mary Johnson. In 1788 and 1789, John and wife Patsy deeded land to John's older children: 231 acres to John Jr.; 260 acres to William; 320 acres to Littleberry; and 300 acres to Morris. James Pearson may have also been a son, but no proof has been found. From deeds and court records, they appear to have been very close. He could have been a younger brother. No records have been found of daughters by his first wife Sarah. John's will, filed July 23, 1798, Brunswick Co., VA, names three children by Patsy. The children were Johnson, Cesley (Narcissa), and Patsy. John's sons Morris and John Jr. were executors of the will witnessed by George Johnson (brother of wife Patsy), Susannah Brewer, and Cannon Jones (nephew of wife Patsy). Patsy died after July 21, 1789 (a deed she signed), and before 1793. Tax records for 1793 list Johnson as an orphan. ----- **Public Service Records - Virginia State Library** Certificate #173 - Allowance to John Pearson for beef supplied to the militia, 1780.
  Brunswick Co VA was created in Dec., 1720 from a portion of Prince George Co., the whole county one parish, by the name of St. Andrew's. This portion of St. Andrew's was thus formed from Bristol Parish. It was not until 1732 that Brunswick Co. and St. Andrew's Parish were actually organized. The county did not have enough tithables, and did not have a Court until 1732 when portions of Surry and Isle of Wight Co.'s were added. This was accomplished when the boundary line between VA and NC had been established and an Act of the General Assembly had granted parts of the counties of Surry and Isle of Wight and parts of the parishes of Lawne's Creek, Southwark and Warrosquyoake to Brunswick Co. and St. Andrew's Parish.
  An examination of Brunswick Co Index to Deeds 1732-1803 as supplied by Woody Pearson shows that there was a Thomas Person, a John Person, a John Persons, a John Pearson who could sign his name, and a John Pearson who made his mark X. Only the last is our John Pearson. All of the others appear to be separate individuals, but I should check deeds of John Persons in 1754 and 1767 and of John Person in 1748, 1749, 1767. The John Pearson who signs his name, and who has the property on the Southside of Crablouse Creek, his property was later sold by a John B. Pearson and wife Elizabeth. I believe this was the Jonathan Bounchier Pearson born 1754 of John and Mary Pearson.
  Brunswick Co.,VA Deed Books, Volume 3, 1755-1764,Dr. Stephen E. Bradley Jr.,Lawrenceville VA,1998, The whole county was the parish of St Andrew beginning in 1720. In 1754, the parish was divided in two: The land north of the Meherrin River retained the name of St Andrew Parish, and all the land south of Meherrin River became Meherrin Parish. Deed Book 6,345-(527) Peter Hines of Brunswick Co to John Pearson. 12Nov1759. (pound)110 VA. 517 acres which were patents to James Upchurch dated 1739 & Richard Smith dated 1755, joining James Upchurch, Rattle Snake Creek, Richd Ledbetter, Fountains Creek. Wit: John Ledbetter, Jacob Addams, James Read. Proved 23Jun1760. John Robinson CC. [Note tp-this is the property later sold by John [X] Pearson] Deed Book 6,411-(642) John (X) Pearson of Brunswick Co to Christopher Clinch of Surry Co. 14Oct1760. (pound)100 VA. 350 acres which was a patent to sd John Pearson 14Aug1759, joining William Mosley, Holloway, Gray, a branch. Wit: William Holloway, Thomas Washington, Sarah Washington. Proved 23Mar1761. John Robinson CC. [Note tp-this my John selling his land grant] Deed Book 6,387-(594) John Pearson of Brunswick Co to Ralph Martyn of same. 7Jan1761. (pound)25 VA. 100 acres as by patent to sd John Pearson 20Aug1760, on the south side of Meherrin River, joining Dorch, Edward Houlin. Witnesses omitted. Proved 26Jan1761. Elizabeth the wife of sd John Pearson was examined. John Robinson CC. [Note tp-this John also selling his land grant, but not ours] Deed Book 7,675-(324) "A List of Surveys made in the County of Brunswick from Jun1762 to Jun1763." Surveyed for John Johnson 354 acres, joining his own line; Surveyed for John Pearson 404 acres, on both sides of Long Branch; Signed by Drury Stith surveyor. Returned to Court 27Jun1763. John Robinson CC Deed Book 7,814-(523) John Pearson and his wife Sarah(o) of Meherrin Parish in Brunswick Co to John Underwood of sd parish. 23Jun1764. (pound)20 VA. 300 acres, joining Rowel, a branch, Hilton, Lane. Wit: Littlebury Robinson, Thomas Rose Smith, River Baker. [Note tp-that John signs his name on this deed-no mark-thus not my John Pearson d.1798-thus no record of Sarah as his wife]
  Certificate # 33 - Allowance to John Pearson for guns supplied to the militia, 15 May 1780.
  Commissioner's Book 1, page 125 - Treasury Warrant to John Pearson for guns supplied to militia, 28 July 1783.
  Virginia Publick Claims,Brunswick County,compiled by Janice L. Abercrombie and Richard Slatten, Iberian Publishing Co.,Athens,GA,no date,p.18- Quotes p.39 John Pearson 1 gun taken by Capt. Paul Hartwell for militia that joined Marquiss 3(pounds)-10
  A copy of a membership application to the DAR, lists John as a "Revolutionary War Patroit". This application was approved. ----- Tax list for 1800, Brunswick Co., VA -- John Pearson was taxed on 5 horses; 3 slaves over 16 years of age; and 1 slave under 16. ----- Marriage CD shows a John Person married Mary Howell 3/10/1768 in Southampton VA
  21-July-1789 Pearson, Sr. to Pearson, Jr. (as supplied by Selenda Billington [email protected] THIS INDENTURE made this twenty-first day of July in the year or our Lord one thousand seven hundred & eighty nine between John Pearson Sr. and Patty his wife of the country of Brunswick of the one part and John Pearson Jr. of the said county of the other part WITNESSETH that the said John Pearson Sr. and Patty his wife for and in consideration of the sum of Five shillings current money of Virginia in land paid by the said John Pearson Jr. the receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge both granted bargained sold aligned and confirmed and by there presents do grant bargain sell alien and confirm unto the said John Pearson Jr. his heirs and assigns forever a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the aforesaid country of Brunswick containing by estimation two hundred and thirty-one acres as the same more or less and bounded as follows viz. BEGINNING at a white oak on Fountain Creek thence south one hundred & Twenty two poles to a hickory thence north sixty five degrees west eighty-one poles to a white oak a corner between he and Dobins, thence along Dobin's line to a Spanish oak on the long branch thence up the meanders of the said branch to the mouth of a small branch on the north side of the long branch thence up the small branch to a shrub oak at the head thence along a straight line to a shrub oak in the head of an old spring branch thence down the said branch to a persimmon tree on the said branch thence along a straight line of marked tees to a white oak on Fountain Creek then down the said creek to the BEGINNING with all the housed orchard and appurtenances thereto belonging or in any wise appertaining TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said granted lands & premises unto the said John Pearson Jr., his heirs and assigns forever and the said John Pearson, Sr. and Patty his wife for themselves and their heirs shall and will at all time hereafter warrant & defend the said land unto the said John Pearson Jr. his heirs and assigns against all and every other person or persons from mortgage, rites of dower and every other encumbrance whatever. IN WITNESS whereof they the said John Pearson Sr. & Patty his wife have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year fixed above & written. Signed Sealed & } the words (& Patty his wife) Delivered } into --- before assigns) In the prescience of us: Richard Fletcher, Littleberry Pearson, Morris Pearson John X Pearson (SS) his mark Patty X Pearson (SS) her mark
  John Pearson Will - 1798(as supplied by Selenda Billington [email protected] IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN, I John Pearson being in good health and sound memory do make this my last will and Testament. First, of all I leave all my just debts and funeral Expenses to be paid Secondly, I leave all my Estate Except my negroes at my death to be sold and the money so arising with the bonds and money I have by me to be put to interest and for my negroes to be hired out til such time as my son Johnson doth come to the age of twenty-one years and for my three youngest children vise Johnson, Patsey and Sisley to be raised and schooled out of the hire of my Negroes and interest of the money. Thirdly, it is my will and desire that when my son Johnson comes to the age of twenty one years for my Negroes vise, Cloyce, Nell, Jude, Bob and Adam and their increase be put in three equal lots. Fourthly I will and bequeath unto my son Johnson the one third part of my Negroes and third of all the rest of my Estate be it of what kind or kindred doever to him and his heirs forever. Fifthly I will and bequeath unto my Daughter Patsey one third part of my negroes and one-third part all the rest of my Estate to her and her heirs forever. Sixthly, I will and bequeath unto my Daughter Sisley the other third part of my negroes and one-third of all the rest of my Estate to her and her heirs forever. And, I appoint my son Morris Pearson and son John Pearson my whole and sole executors of this my last will whereunto I have fixed my hand and seal this 15th day of June 1797 in the presence of George Johnson Susannah Brewer Cannon Jones John + Pearson,Ser (SS) his mark Brunswick County Court July 23rd 1798 This last will and Testament of John Pearson Sr. was proved by the oath of the Witnesses, thereto and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of Morris and John Pearson the Executors therein named they having made oath thereto according to law and together with John Goodrich and Owen M. Fletcher their securities entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of Five thousand Dollars with condition as the law directs Certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate thereof in due for. Teste J. T Hill We Pearson's descend from a John Pearson who in 1759 purchased land in, and then lived in Brunswick Co.,VA. I know that he was born in 1722-23. One would think that it would not be so difficult to find out where he came from, but that is not the case. The loss of many records during the Civil War, and the loss of even more through the accidental burnings of courthouses through the years has made the search almost impossible. At first I thought that there could not be many Pearson's present during that time and place, but I was wrong. I do know that a "Jno ye son of Wm Pearson born Aug 19, 1723" is recorded in the register of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA. For some time I have been trying to prove that these are the same John Pearson's, and have been trying to document the ancestry of William. I have made some progress with William, but have found nothing which helps me show that they are the same John's. I stopped trying to make this connection when I found that our first John Pearson signed with his mark rather than his name, at least in 1789 & 1797, while the William that I was trying to prove to be his father could sign. Unless our John was handicapped in some way, I find that improbable. There were at least 5 Pearson families besides William's in New Kent Co.,VA in the early sixteenth century. There are few records to go by. A John Pearson was deeded 76 acres in neighboring Isle of Wight Co.,VA in 1717. So far, I have found no descendants. There are Pearson's who were ship's Captains visiting the various ports of Virginia. A Robert was master of the Hope in 1683. A Joseph was master of the Bonadventure from Liverpool in 1710- 1711. A John was the master of the Marygold in 1743. A Joseph was master of the Elizabeth in 1746. A William was master of the Goodwill in 1748. There were Pearson's with first names of Henry, John, Thomas, and Robert on the Island of Barbados in the 1650's and 60's. They accepted many indentured servants from England. Most of these Pearson's and their descendents would have eventually ended up in Virginia. There were also Pearson's with the given names of John, William, Thomas, and Jarvis accepting indentured servants into Virginia. There were numerous Pearson's in bondage sent to Virginia either as convicts or indentured servants. I have also searched the Quaker records of Virginia. There was a Peter Pearson born 1679 in Cumberland England, and who immigrated to America seeking freedom to worship as a Quaker. He settled first in Nanesmond Co.,VA. He then moved to Perquimans Co.,NC with his wife. They had seven children. Could our John be a descendent of his? John Pearson Sr. was not a soldier of the Revolution, although his descendants are eligible for DAR and SAR membership because he contributed to the cause. A Treasury Warrant was issued to John Pearson for guns supplied to militia, so I do not think he was a Quaker. John Pearson Jr. did serve as a private during the Revolation. John Pearson Sr. of Brunswick Co. may also have descended from a Pearson of New England; many of the settlers of Virginia came from New England. There are also many Person's and Parson's present. Our John Pearson could also descend from one of them. Will it ever be resolved? I'm not the first to try, and I'm not the only one trying now. I don't think it can be done until more of the records are computerized to aide in the search, but the Pearson's may have been in this country for some time. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.