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  Lived with Edward Smith Pearson from the time his father died until he was 18; his brother Paul was in France in Army. On 17 September 1917, Frank became orphaned at the age of 16 years. His father had not remarried. He and his older brother Paul were the only members left of the immediate family. Paul was in the US Army in France - this was World War I. He became the ward of his uncle, Edd S. PEARSON, who lived in Keytesville, Chariton Co., MO. Frank would file a legal petition in court, 4 January 1919, asking the court to appoint E. S. PEARSON his "guardian and curator". This guardianship would continue until 16 December 1922, when he was released as guardian by the Probate Court in Chariton Co., MO. During these intervening years, Frank did not finish his schooling. He worked in the fields at Uncle Ed's suffering a hernia while loading hay. Because of this injury he went to work for a shoe factory in Jefferson City, MO where his cousin Roy PEARSON was employed. The employment at the shoe factory would be short, because he developed an allergy to the dye in leather that would cause him to have a severe case of eczema on his hands and forearms. He then enrolled at Sweeney's Auto School in Kansas City to become an auto mechanic. Unable to finish but deciding to finish high school, Frank wrote to several high school principals in southwest Missouri. The only response he received was from the Supt. of Schools, W. C. Barnes, in Carthage. He advised Frank it was possible for him to find work and complete his schooling in Carthage. Frank enrolled in school at Carthage, found employment at a restaurant owned by Ed Woods, and moved into a room at the YMCA. Curiously, Frank would initiate a charade that would last for forty years. He was short of stature and had a slight build. Because he was older than his classmates, he would deduct 4 years from his age and continue giving 1905 as his birth year until he applied for his Social Security, at age 62. He continued working in restaurants, living at the YMCA, and finally graduated in the spring of 1926. During this time he had worked for Charlie Whistler, and for the last two years before graduation, for Grace and Luther Ellison. Schooling completed, he decided to go "out west", to New Mexico. He returned to Missouri, had surgery to repair his hernia, found employment at "Dillard's", and married Hazel MEDEARIS, who he had dated while in school. They were married by J. J. BAY, a Baptist Minister, in Columbus, KS. 28 July 1927, Frank would go to work at the New System Grocery in Carthage, Mo, and would remain until it failed during the "great depression". He would work for a short time at "The Buffet" until it too closed. In September 1935, he and his family would move to Burden, KS. In April 1937, he would start a restaurant in Dexter, KS, but he would sell it in July, and they would return to Burden. In March 1938, Frank would go to Idaho with George Headley, Dale Overton, Vinton Nimrod, and Wayne Adams, to work in harvest. He also worked onion and sugar beet harvest near Greeley, CO, leaving his family in Burden. In the spring of 1939, he would find employment on a farm near Monte Vista, CO owned by J. K. Perkins, where he would stay until November. His employment was to include a harvest bonus, that was unpaid. He moved his family to Alamosa, where they stayed with a high school friend, Leonard "Pete" Headley, until he found work at the "Lone Star Cafe" in Alamosa. They would live in Alamosa until 1956, when he would find employment at Campbell 66 Motor Freight and move to Springfield, MO. He finally change employers once more, working for Mono Manufacturing Co. until he retired. They remained in Springfield for the next several yers. During World War II, he would work for Bechtol-Price Callahan a contracting Commissary Company on projects in the Artic Circle at Fort Norman, Northwest Terr., Canada; the Atomic Plant at Hanford, WA; and a project near Arkadelphia, AR, always returning to Alamosa. He worked at several restaurants in Alamosa, including trying twice more at establishing one of his own. In 1963, he would purchase forty acres near Pleasant Hope, MO north of Springfield. This farm was his pride and joy. They would live here until his death.
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