Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

Nancy Vance was born 1821. She was the daughter of William Vance and Sarah Hudson.

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Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

William Vance was born ABT. 1785 in North Carolina. He was the son of Jacob Vance Sr. and Sarah.

Sarah Hudson was born 1800 in Tennessee, and died OCT 1856.

Children of Sarah /Hudson/ and William /Vance/ are:
  1. James Vance was born 11 JUL 1816, and died 8 MAR 1857 in Richmond, Virginia. He married Nancy Elizabeth. She was born 1817.

  2. Sarah E. Vance was born ABT. 1817.

  3. Susan Malinda Vance was born ABT. 1818.

  4. Nancy Vance was born 1821.

  5. John L. Vance was born 1824 in Tennessee, and died OCT 1862. He married Mary A.. She was born 1828 in Tennessee.

  6. William J. Vance Jr. was born BET. 1826 - 1827 in Tenn., and died NOV 1864. He married Nancy Norman on NOV 1851 in Evening Shade, Lawrence County, Arkansas. She was born 14 MAR 1829, and died 3 AUG 1905 in Macedonia Cemetary, Independence County, Magness Ark..

  7. Davison Vance. was born 1829 in Tennessee.

  8. Clarinda Vance was born 1831 in Weakley County, Tenn., and died 1892 in Evening Shade, Sharp County, Arkansas. She married Isaac Norman on 1852 in Evening Shade Arkansas. He was born 23 OCT 1830 in Independance County, Arkansas, and died 1895 in Evening Shade, Sharp County, Arkansas.

  9. Samuel Lewis Vance was born 1832 in Alabama, and died BEF. 1867. He married Person Not Viewable .

  10. George W. Vance was born 1834 in Alabama, and died 2 NOV 1861 in Pocohontas, Arkansas. He married Margaret Ann on 1856. She was born 1838.

  11. Anderson Houston Vance was born 15 NOV 1837 in Alabama, and died 12 JAN 1895. He married Sarah Hardister Douglas. She was born SEP 1851, and died 26 AUG 1921. She was buried in Maxville Cemetary, Sharp County, Ark..

  12. Gainsboro Van Buren Vance was born BET. 1838 - 1839 in Alabama, and died 9 MAY 1862. He married Person Not Viewable .

  13. Martin V. Vance was born 1840. He married Lucy A. Tyler on 23 SEP 1866. She was born 1844.

  14. Mary A. Vance was born 20 JAN 1842 in Texas, and died 2 NOV 1894. She married James Adan Shirley on 28 FEB 1867 in Sharp County, Ark.. He was born 1842 in Alabama.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 3

Jacob Vance Sr. was born ABT. 1774 in Ireland, and died 1814 in Giles County, Tennessee.

Sarah died 1829 in Giles County, Tennessee.

Children of /Sarah/ and Jacob Vance /Sr./ are:
  1. John Vance was born 2 SEP 1780, and died 9 JUN 1850. He married Mary Greer. She died 1855. She was buried in Vance Cemetary, Giles county, Tennessee.

  2. William Vance was born ABT. 1785 in North Carolina. He married Sarah Hudson. She was born 1800 in Tennessee, and died OCT 1856.

  3. Person Not Viewable .

  4. Person Not Viewable . He/She married Person Not Viewable .

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