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  • Married: Sarah on ABT. 1779.
  • Sarah: Birth: BEF. 1764. Death: AFT. 1805

Marriage: Children:
  1. Thomas Acree: Birth: ABT. 1778 in Bertie County, N.C..

  2. John R. Acree: Birth: 12 NOV 1780 in Berite County, North Carolina. Death: BET. 4 - 14 FEB 1843 in Stewart County, Tennessee

  3. William R. Acree: Birth: ABT. 1782 in Bertie County, N.C.. Death: AFT. 1814 in Rowan County, N.C.

  4. Abner Acree: Birth: ABT. 1784 in Bertie County, N.C.. Death: ABT. OCT 1848 in Owen County, Kentucky

  5. Elizabeth Acree: Birth: ABT. 1786.

  6. Martha Acree: Birth: ABT. 1788 in Bertie County, N.C..

  7. Edward R. Acree: Birth: ABT. 1792 in Bertie County, North Carolina. Death: AFT. 1814 in Pitt County, North Carolina

  8. Marmaduke Norfleet Acree: Birth: ABT. 1806.

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a. Note:   Edward Acree served as a jury member on the grand jury of Bertie County, NC., sevral times between the years of 1780 and 1791 In May 1792, it was ordered by the court that Joseph Horne, Allen Purvis, Edward Acree and Jesse brown or any of the three of them be appointed to audit and settle accounts of Henry Averet and make return to next court.
  Also ordered that Joseph Horne, Balus House, Edward Acree, and George House settle the accounts of Esther Ruby.
  This information obtained from book V , Bertie County, NC. County Court Minutes 1780-1792
  From book IV of the above mentioned: "Ordered that Esau Wilford be bound to Edward Acree to learn the trade of hatter."
  From book VI of the above mentioned: "Edward Acree be appointed overseer of the road from Roanoke Chaple, to Higgs Road and the hands(Lands?) between Jumping Pond and the river."
  Karen Krugman notes that Edward purchased extensive acreage in the Cashie Swamp area, begining in 1770, when he acquired 150 acres from David Curry. He continued buying land, acquiring one of the largest land holdings in the area. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.