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Marriage: Children:
  1. John Crandall Jr.: Birth: 1649. Death: 14 AUG 1704

  2. Jane Crandall: Birth: 1653. Death: 1715

  3. Joseph Crandall: Birth: 1661 in Westerly,Washington,Rhode Island. Death: 12 SEP 1737 in Newport,Rhode Island

  4. Samuel Crandall: Birth: 1663 in Westerly,Newport,RI. Death: 19 MAY 1736 in Tiverton,RI

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  6. Peter Crandall: Death: JUL 1734

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a. Note:   Alias:<ALIA> Elder John /Crandall/ christened on 15 Feb 1617/1618 in Westerleigh, Gloucestershire, England , a son of James CRANDELL and his first wife, Eleanor -?-. He died on 29 Nov 1676 in Newport, Newport Co., Rhode Island and was buried in Rhode Island Historical Cemetery #15 in Westerly, Washington Co., Rhode Island at the Elder John Crandall Homestead.
  He was the first Baptist Elder in America.
  BURIAL: Rhode Island Historical Cemetery #15 in Westerly, Washington Co, Rhode Island at the Elder John Crandall Homestead.
  Note: From "Genealogical and Family History of Conneticut" by Cutter Note: Rev. John Crandall immigrant ancestor, was of Providence, Rhode Island, as early as 1637. He was early associated with the Baptists, and being persecuted for his religious opinions, fled from MA to the above mentioned place. How long he remained in Providence is unknown, but he was a residence of Newport in 1651, and was there a prominent member of the Baptist Church, and subsequently became the first Elder of that denomination at Westerly, Rhode Island. July 21, 1651, he with John Clarke and Obidiah Holmes, being the representatives of that church, journeyed to Lynn, for the purpose of holding services there, and were arrested and sent to prison in Boston. July 31, he was sentenced to pay a fine of five pounds, or be publicly whipped. On his promise to appear at the next court, however, he was released. In 1655 he was freeman. He was commissioner in 1658-59-62-63. With eight others, he signed a letter to the court of commissioners of Rhode Island, August 27, 1661, in relation to a tract of land at Westerly, where they and others desired to settle. He was deputy in 1667, and in the fall of that same year was at Westerly. His name was on the list of inhabitants of that town, May 14, 1669. He and Joseph Torrey were appointed commissioners to treat with Connecticut, relative to jurisdiction of lands, May 14, 1669, and he was supplied with 35 shillings by the Colony of Rhode Island to pay his way to Connecticut. He received a letter from the Governor and assistants of Connecticut on November 18, 1669, in which the latter persons complained that he and others had appropriated a large parcel of Stoningham township, and sought satisfaction. He and Tobias Saunders answered on behalf of Westerly, and denied any guilt in the matter complained. He was conservator of the Peace at Westerly, in 1670, and deputy from that town 1670-71. He was apprehended and held by the Colony of Conneticut May 2, 1671 and desired the advice of the Governor of Rhode Island, whether to give bond, or abide imprisionment. The assembly advised him to give no bond, and promised to bear his charges and endeavor to justify his acts. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.