/Person Not Viewable
    /Harold (mother-Edna Porter) Porter
   |   |    /William Grant "Billie" (Abner And Mary Louise Johnson) Porter
   |    \Etta "Edna" E. (William Grant And Alafair Mullins Whitt) Porter
   |        \Alafair (Dr. Whitt And Harriett Mullins) Mullins
Person Not Viewable
   |        /Frederic (Johann Nikolaus And Katherine Hegley) Bowers
   |    /Walter (Frederic And Rosemary Brown) Bowers
   |   |    \Emma Rose (husband-Fredrich Bowers) Brown
    \Person Not Viewable
       |    /Oliver (Thomas And Nancy Sutton) Woltz
        \Barbara Ellen Virginia (Oliver And Christina Fast) Woltz
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