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  1. Ingomera of the Franks: Birth: BET 493 AND 494 in Rheims,Marne,France (Gaul). Death: BET 493 AND 494 in Rheims,Marne,Gaul

  2. Clodimer I of Orleans: Birth: 495 in Rheims,Marne,France. Death: 1 MAY 524 in Orleons,Loire,France

  3. Childebert of Paris: Birth: Abt 496 in Rheims,Marne,Gaul (now France). Death: 23 DEC 558 in Paris,Seine,Gaul (now France)

  4. Clotaire I of the Franks: Birth: Abt 497 in Rheims,Marne,Aquitaine. Death: 23 NOV 561 in Braines,Loire,Aquitaine

  5. Tichilda of the Franks: Birth: Abt 503 in Rheims,Marne,Gaul (now France).

  6. Clotilda of the Franks: Birth: Abt 507 in Rheims,Marne,Gaul (now France). Death: Abt 531 in ,Germany

Marriage: Children:
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