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  2. Walter Washington: Birth: in Sulgrave,Northampton,England. Death: Bef MAR 1596 in Warwick,England

a. Note:   Josephine C. Frost, The Hills Press, New York, MCMXXIII, page 247, 248. NEW ENGLAND REGISTER, Vol. 43, page 398,420. Vol. 45, page 62. Vol. 47, page 267-271. Robert was "40 years and over in 1584. He made his will Feb. 7 1619, and it was proved Jan 3, 1620. In it requests bruial in the South Aisle of the church "before my seat where I usually sit, under the same stone that my father lieth buried under." In 1564 his father and Walter Light, gentleman of Radway, had recorded a marriage settlement between himself and Elizabeth, daughter of Walter Light. For twenty-six years Robert Washington, who had inherited the Manor House at Sulgrave, enjoyed the possession of it, but in 1610, with the consent of his eldest son Lawrence, he sold his estates. He was the last Washington owner who lived in Sulgrave Manor House. Sulgrave Manor was purchased by a group of British friends of America and has been rehabilitated and embellished to make it permanently a signifcant place of pilgrimage for all who revere the name of Washington. It still bears the Washington arms. The Sulgrave Institution in this country was organized to promote friendly relations among English speaking peoples and between them and other nations of the world, and to ensure the maintenance of Sulgrave Manor at Sulgrave, England, the home of George Washington's ancestors. The Institution has a large membership, and from time to time issue Bulletins which give in interesting detail the progress of the work besides notifying its members of some wonderful contributions from Americans who have made their home in England.
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