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Marriage: Children:
  1. Hannah Denison: Birth: 20 MAY 1643 in Roxbury,Essex Co.,Massachusetts.

  2. Sarah Denison: Death: 19 DEC 1701 in Stonington,New London Co.,Connecticut

Marriage: Children:
  1. John Borodell Denison: Birth: 14 JUN 1646 in Roxbury,Suffolk Co.,Massachusetts. Death: 1697 in Stonington,New London Co.,Connecticut

  2. Borodell Denison: Birth: Abt 1651 in New London,New London Co.,Connecticut. Death: 11 JAN 1702 in Stonington,New London Co.,Connecticut

  3. George Denison: Birth: Abt 1653 in New London,New London Co.,Connecticut. Death: 27 DEC 1711 in Westerly,Kings Co.,Rhode Island

  4. William Denison: Birth: Abt 1655 in Stonington,New London Co.,Connecticut. Death: 26 MAR 1715 in Stonington,New London Co.,Connecticut

  5. Margaret Denison: Birth: Abt 1657 in Stonington,New London Co.,Connecticut. Death: 5 MAY 1741 in Barrington,Massachusetts

  6. Mercy Denison: Birth: Abt 1659 in Stonington,New London Co.,Connecticut. Death: 10 MAR 1670/1671 in Stonington,New London Co.,Connecticut

  7. Ann Denison: Death: 17 NOV 1706 in Stonington,New London Co.,Connecticut

a. Note:   DENISON GENEALOGY, by Denison, Peck, Jacobus, page 1 George's bro. Gen. Danl Denison wrote in 1672 "My two brothers, Edward and George had all the estate of my father left between them, being both married long before my father's death: my Brother George buried his first Wife in the tear 1643, went into England was a souldier there above a year, was at the Battle of York, or Marston Moor, where he did good service, was afterward taken Prisoner, but got free and having married a second Wife he returned to New England the year before our mother died, and not long afterward remobved himself to New London near whereunto at Stonington he now liveth. The tradition that George served in Cromwell's army is thus vertified. The story is also told that he was wounded and was nursed at the home of John Borodell, a cordwainner, (leather merchant) of Cork, by his dau Ann who he married for his second wife. During 15 sessions George was Deputy for New London or Stonington at the CT General Ct., and he died at Hartford, while discharging this duty. His gravestone, which was cut by an illustrious craftsman, James Stanclift, Sr., is in the yard of the old Center Church, Hartford.
  ELDRED AND ASSOCIATED FAMILIES, Researched by: Catherine Matson & Clarice McNiven, Compiled by: Carol & Susan Matson, pp. 56. George came to New England in 1633 on the "Lion". After the death of his wife Bridget, he returned to England and joined Cromwell's army. The story is told that he was wounded and was nursed at the home of John Borodell, a cordwainer (leather merchant) of Cork, Ireland, and later married his daughter, Ann. His first appearance after his return with Ann was in 1651 principally as a Guarantee of New London, CT. He had been in Roxbury, MA where he had a house lot given him on his settling there. He was a Capt. in 1647 in Roxbury and a Freeman in 1648. He was called a "young soldier lately come out of the wars in England". He was called a bold and distinguishing leader. He served as Deputy to the Connectiuct General Court from New London CT, Sept. 1653 to May 1654 and Feb. 1657. He served from Stonington CT Oct 1671, Oct 1674, 1678, 1682, 1683, and to the time of his death. When George was first mentioned in CT records he is called "Captain", based upon his service and commissioned in England. He served on the War Commission for New London in 1653, when war threatened with the Dutch. Although only 56, he served as Capt. in King Phillip's war in 1676 in command of the New London Troops and 2nd in command of the Conn. Army under robert Treat. He was appointed Provost Marshall in 1677. NEED TO GET PAGE 57. Researching this line is Munson Hinman at [email protected]
  Sources: Montville; Park Society Newsletter, 1978, #3; Potter-Richardson Memorial; Coe; The Great Migration Begins, v1, p523; Magna Charta Sureties 163-11; AF. Montville: Capt. George Denison, born 1618 in England, came to New England about 1631 with his father and two brothers and settled at Roxbury, Mass. He married Bridget Thompson of Stonington in 1640 and had two daughters. After her death in 1643, he returned to England "and engaged in the civil war"--side not stated. In Ireland he married Anne Brodil, daughter of John Brodil. They had seven children: John, George, William, Anne, Margaret, Brodil and Mary. The daughters by Bridget Thompson were Sarah, born 20 March 1641, who married a Stanton, and Hannah, born 20 May 1643, who married a Saxton. He was the first representative from Stonington in the General Assembly at Hartford. He died 23 Oct. 1694, age 76, while attending the assembly at Hartford. Memorial: George Denison, 1618-1694, son of William and Margaret (Chandler) Denison of Roxbury. Migration: George Denison, baptized 10 Dec. 1620 at Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire. Married (1) Bridget Thompson March 1640 in Roxbury, and (2) Ann Borodell about 1645 in England. [Article on his father, William, and his family begins on page 521.] Sureties: Capt. George Denison, gentleman. Baptized Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire 10 Dec. 1620. Died Hartford, Conn., 23 Oct. 1694. Married (1) Bridget Tompson; (2) Ann Borodell. He was the son of William Denison and Margaret (Chandler) Monck. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.