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Marriage: Children:
  1. Margaret Clarke: Birth: 1 FEB 1600/1601 in Westhorpe,Suffolk,England.

  2. Carewe Clarke: Birth: 3 FEB 1602/1603 in Westhorpe,Suffolk,England. Death: Aft 13 JUN 1679

  3. Joseph Clarke: Birth: 9 DEC 1618 in Westhorpe,Suffolk,England. Death: 1 JUN 1694 in Newport,Newport Co.,Rhode Island

  4. John Clarke: Death: 20 APR 1676 in Newport,Newport Co.,Rhode Island

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  6. Mary Clarke: Death: 1648 in Newport,Newport Co.,Rhode Island

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  8. Thomas Clarke: Death: 2 DEC 1674 in Newport,Newport Co.,Rhode Island

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a. Note:   Babcock and Allied Families, by De Forest, page 38. The information has been copied from the family bible, in which Thomas Clarke made the entries concerning his parents and grandparents. The bible was brought to Rhode Island by his son John and the entries continued by another son, Joseph.
  Some records of the Clarke family of Wasthrup/Westhrope, Co. Suffolk, EN, from the family bible (a copy of the Geneva version of 1608) brought to this country by Dr. John Clarke, and presented in Reg: Oct 1921 and Ref. 9, augmented.
  The Rhode Island Historical Magazine, Vol. VII, 1886-1887, Newport, RI, The Newport Publishing Co. The American Genealogist, Vol. XXIV, No. 2, Apr 1948, p. 72 citing Reg. 75:279. Little Compton Families pub. by Little Compton Historical Society from Records compiled by Benjamin Franklin Wilbour, 1967. New England Marriages Prior to 1700 by Clarence Almon Torrey Hartford Times Queries, a. 2 Mar 1957; 22 Feb 1947. Genealogy of One Branch of the Peckham Family of Newport and Westerly RI, and Its Allied Families, 1957, by William P. & John E. Bentley. 160 Allied Families by John Austin, 1892. New England Marriages Prior to 1700 by Clarence Almond Torrey. The Clarke Genealogy by George Austin Morrison, 1902.
  Sent to me by Mrs. Isabel T. Coburn, HC 62, Box 146, New Harbor ME 04554 Researching this line is Nancyann Norman at [email protected]
  Sources: The Clarke Families of Rhode Island by George Austin Morrison; Colonial Families of the United States of America, Vol 4; Genealogies of Rhode Island Families, Vol. 1, page 197; Babcock and Allied Families by Louis E. De Forest; Ancestry of George P. Clarke of Newport, R.I., by G. Andrews Moriarty; C. M. Babcock; RI Families, Vol. 2; Virkus; 160 Allied Families; NEHGR, v75, p279; Witter Family History by Edwin D. Witter Jr.
  De Forest: Thomas Clarke, born on All Saints' Day, 1 Nov. 1570; baptized two days later. When he died on 29 July 1627, he was called "of Wastrup." He was buried 30 July 1627. He married Rose Herrige, who died 19 Sept. 1627. C.M. Babcock: Thomas Clarke, born 1 Nov. 1570; married 13 May 1600, Rose Kerrich (or Herrige), daughter of William and Margery Kerrich of Saxsted. Five of their seven children came to America about 1637. RI Families: "Thomas Clarke, sone of John Clarke, borne All Saynts day, baptised the 3 November, ano dom. 1570." (Vol. 1, page 197. Bible records. This entry written by Thomas himself.) "Thomas Clarke ye father of thes childringe, departed this life the 29 of July, 1627." (Page 198, written in a different hand, which also recorded the death of Thomas' wife Rose on 19 Sept. 1627.) NEHGR: Thomas Clarke, of Westhorpe, Suffolk, born 1 Nov. 1570 and baptized 3 Nov. 1570. Died 29 July 1627 and was buried at Westhorpe 30 July 1627. He married at Saxsted, Suffolk, 13 May 1600, Rose Kerrich. Virkus: Thomas Clarke (1570-1627), married Rose Keridge, who died 1627. 160 Families: Thomas Clarke, Bedfordshire, England, born 1 Nov. 1570 (All Saints Day), baptized 3 Nov. 1570, died 29 July 1627. He was called of "Wastrup" when he died. "He entered dates of baptisms and burials of his grandfather, father and mother, etc. (down to his own children) in his bible; and the record was continued by his son Joseph, the bible having been brought to Rhode Island by one of Thomas' children when he came to America." Under the date of 3 Feb. 1602, he records the birth of his eldest son: "Carew Clarke my son the 3d Feb. 1602, being Thursday, about fair day light; baptized the 17th Feb., Wallop's Thursday, 3d day of the new moon 1602." Perhaps his daughter Mary was identical with the Mary Clarke who was the first wife of John Peckham. Witter Family: Thomas Clarke, born 1 Nov. 1570, baptized 3 Nov, Westhorpe, Suffolk, England. Died 19 Sept. 1627, at Westhorpe and buried there. Married Rose Kerrich/Keridge 13 May 1600 at Saxsted, Suffolk. "Was of Bedfordshire, `of Wastrup' when died. Of his 7 children that matured, all emigrated: Carewe, Thomas, Mary, William, Joseph, Margaret, and Dr. John..." [Death date is probably a transcription error, since 19 Sept. 1627 is the day of his wife's death.] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.