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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth Saunders: Birth: 1667. Death: 3 MAR 1730/1731 in Westerly,Kings Co.,Rhode Island

  2. Edward Saunders: Birth: Abt 1672 in Westerly,Kings Co.,Rhode Island. Death: 1732

  3. Stephen Saunders: Birth: Abt 1675 in Westerly,Kings Co.,Rhode Island. Death: NOV 1746 in Westerly,Kings Co.,Rhode Island

  4. Mercy Saunders: Birth: Abt 1677/1680 in Westerly,Kings Co.,Rhode Island. Death: Bef 1736 in Westerly,Kings Co.,Rhode Island

  5. Benjamin Saunders: Birth: Abt 1682 in Westerly,Kings Co.,Rhode Island. Death: 1733 in Westerly,Kings Co.,Rhode Island

  6. Sarah Saunders: Birth: Abt 1684 in Westerly,Kings Co.,Rhode Island.

  7. Susannah Saunders: Birth: Abt 1689 in Westerly,Kings Co.,Rhode Island. Death: 1718

  8. John Saunders: Birth: Abt 1699 in Westerly,Kings Co.,Rhode Island. Death: Bef 30 APR 1746 in Westerly,Kings Co.,Rhode Island

a. Note:   descended from Tobias Saunders and Joseph Clarke and William Crumb, spent years in research of original records in Westerly and left her papers by bequest to the state of RI. Unfortunately they have never been printed. The following is from her papers: "The first wife of Joseph Clarke (brother of Dr. John Clarke who is often called the founder of Newport, RI) was a sister of Tobias Saunders. Tobias married Mary Peckham, daughter of John Peckham and Mary Clarke, sister of Joseph Clarke. Tobias and Mary (Peckham) Saunders had a daughter Mercy Saunders who was the first wife of William Crumb (Daniel-1)." This statement is included in the Genealogy of the Peckham. Conclusive proof is found in disposition of the estate of James Peckham, son of John & Mary Peckham who died unmarried and intestate 26 Jeb 1711/2. One 25 Dec 1712, Peter & Elizabeth (Saunders) Barker were among James' heirs giving a power of attorney to Philip and William Peckham and John Taylor to sell James' realty. Elizabeth (Saunders) Babcock and her husband James Babcock appointed her brother-in-law, Peter Barker, to "receive in charge, all legacies...[from the estate of] their honored uncle James Peckham." On 19 May 1712, Edward, John, Stephen and Benjamin Saunders appointed their brother-in-law Peter Barker to transact business for them and their sister, Elizabeth. (Bristol Co. Deeds 8:70).
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