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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth Saunders: Birth: 1667. Death: 3 MAR 1730/1731 in Westerly,Kings Co.,Rhode Island

  2. Edward Saunders: Birth: Abt 1672 in Westerly,Kings Co.,Rhode Island. Death: 1732

  3. Stephen Saunders: Birth: Abt 1675 in Westerly,Kings Co.,Rhode Island. Death: NOV 1746 in Westerly,Kings Co.,Rhode Island

  4. Mercy Saunders: Birth: Abt 1677/1680 in Westerly,Kings Co.,Rhode Island. Death: Bef 1736 in Westerly,Kings Co.,Rhode Island

  5. Benjamin Saunders: Birth: Abt 1682 in Westerly,Kings Co.,Rhode Island. Death: 1733 in Westerly,Kings Co.,Rhode Island

  6. Sarah Saunders: Birth: Abt 1684 in Westerly,Kings Co.,Rhode Island.

  7. Susannah Saunders: Birth: Abt 1689 in Westerly,Kings Co.,Rhode Island. Death: 1718

  8. John Saunders: Birth: Abt 1699 in Westerly,Kings Co.,Rhode Island. Death: Bef 30 APR 1746 in Westerly,Kings Co.,Rhode Island

a. Note:   was a soldier, one of the King's Life Guards. Charles H. Green says that he was a captain in Oliver Cromwell's army. He and three brothers came to America, date unknown. In 1643 he was living in Taunton, MA, and at Newport, RI in 1655. He was one of the purchasers and one of the first settlers of Westerly in 1661. He held a quarter of a share in the division of the land, in September. In Nov 1661 he was arrested with Robert Burdick and Joseph Clark and carried to Boston, examined, tried, fined and imprisoned until they should pay the fine and find sureties of the peace. He joined the Newport Seventh Day Baptist church and the members living at Westerly frequently held meetings at his house before the meetinghouse was built. 17 Sep 1679 he took the oath of allegiance. He was Justice f=of the Peace and sometimes performed marriage ceremonies. His wife was Mary. She was born in 1643 and was also a member of the Newport church. Tobias and John Crandall were appointed "conservators of his Majesty's peace" immediately after the incorporation of Westerly. Tobias was a member of the Town Council, and affixed his name or mark to town documents of the town of Westerly. His will was written 9 Aug 1688 and he died in 1695. The inventory amounted to F147 12s. Tobias lived just over the range of hills to the south of the old Westerly meetinghoue. He is supposed to have been buried in the Clarke burying ground near the old Westerly meetinghouse.
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