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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jacob Smeltzer /Sensenbaugh/: Birth: 2 Jan 1799 in Middletown, Frederick, MD. Death: 28 Jun 1891 in Harshmans, Green Co., OH

  2. Catherine /Sensenbaugh/: Birth: 10 Jul 1800 in Middletown, Frederick, MD. Death: 21 Aug 1870 in Warren, St. Joseph, IN

  3. Johannes or John /Sensenbaugh/: Birth: 8 Jan 1802 in Middletown, Frederick, MD. Death: 26 Oct 1861 in Wolfsville, Frederick, MD

  4. Joseph /Sensenbaugh/: Birth: 23 May 1804 in Woodbury TWP, Bedford, MD. Death: 5 Jul 1877 in Wolfsville, Frederick Co., Maryland

  5. Magdalene /Sensenbaugh/: Birth: 17 Oct 1806 in Woodbury TWP, Bedford, PA. Death: 8 Jun 1862 in Wolfsville, Frederick Co., Maryland

a. Note:   REFN: 32 Family records of Alvin Sensenbaugh, and Wolfsville Lutheran Church Records.The beginning of our record is with Peter Sensenbaugh who married (Ottilia) Mary Magdalena Schmeltzer Feb 12th 1798 license record is found in the Frederick County Courthouse. These people were of German origin and used that language for the next 3 generations. To this union were born Jacob, John, Joseph, Catharine, and Madgalena. Early in the year of 1802 they moved to Morrison's Cove Woodberry Twp. Bedford Co. Pa. When Blair Co. was formed where they lived become Huston Twp. Blair Co. Morrison's Cove Pa. While on a hunting trip Peter Sensenbaugh was killed, reported to be accidentally shot. The widow being unable to support her family in that place was brought back to Frederick Co. by her people (Adam Schmeltzer). She lived on a small farm a few hundred yards north of the Wolfsville Lutheran Church across the road from the north part of the Kline Farm. The house was not visible from the road being about 100 yards down the hill. The family probably came and went from the back road. The house had remained pretty much as it was in the early 1800's through the 1950's. When I saw the house in 1989 the roof and floors had collapsed but the stone walls were still standing. I saw no signs that indoor plumbing or electric wiring had ever been installed. This home was a "spring home" (built on top of an underground stream). Fresh water directed by a stone gutter entered on the northwest corner of the basement level where they collected fresh water and exited out the southwest. The kitchen was found on this level. I could see the large open hearth fireplace where they cooked. I couldn't see too much because this level was full of fallen timbers which collected there. Upstairs the parlor doorway opened out to the front yard and there was a fireplace on the south wall. The fireplace was smaller simular to those we have today. Although the floor was gone its mantel painted slate blue still hung to the stone walls. On the north wall the stair stringer was still attached showing the way up to the third level to where a couple of bedrooms may have been. No interior partitions remanied. The Sensenbaugh family became weavers here; they wove wool blankets and cloth. Irl Sensenbaugh, a descendant of Johan Sensenbaugh who lives just south of the old Sensenbaugh place, told me that they had an outbuilding they used as their shop. (Incidently he labored to keep a roof and stucco on the old house for many years until age got the better of both of them. Without his efforts and those of his father, the home would not have been as well off as it was.) The oldest son Jacob Smeltzer Sensenbaugh married the girl next door, Catharine Kline, and later moved with his family to Greene County, Ohio. Johannes Sensenbaugh, Peter's third child, lived in this house all his life. After he married, three Madgalena Sensenbaughs lived there, his mother, his sister who never married, and his wife Madgalena Toms. John bought the place adjoining the farm on which he was raised. They are all buried in the Wolfs ville Lutheran Cemetery. Catharine Sensenbaugh married Mr. Smith and moved to Bethel, Miami, Ohio, and in 1834 moved to Warren TWP, St. Joseph Co., IN. Joseph Sensenbaugh never married. He bought the home place and lived there until 1877 when he passed away. To his credit he bought an acre of ground for $15 and gave it for the site of the Sensenbaugh School home. Madgalena died in 1862 a few months before her mother who passed away at the age of 93.Some of this record was taken from notes from a a talk given by Alvin E. Sensenbaugh at the Sensenbaugh Reunion Sept 1937. Copies of estate settlement records inposs. of patron, showing death date. [Woodberry TWP. Bedford CO. PA] German Church Records Middletown Frederick Co. MD.Marr. 20 Feb 1798 Mary Schmeltzer & Peter Senebach, Jacob son of Peter & Magdalene Sensebach 2 Jan 1799, Chatarin [catherine] dau. of Peter & Magdalena is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.