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a. Note:   The following information is taken from "Descendents of Johann Georg Sommer" by Olivia Camp-Fernandez:
  "Notes for Elizabeth Summers: As per "cousin" Allen Armstrong, this is the script of the original obituary clipping in the Nancy Allen Gaily bible for Elizabeth Summers:'
  '(Original Obit clipping in Nancy Allen Gailey Bible) OBITUARY: (recopied by Olga Louise Gailey Mackenzie from back of above bible. (bible printed in 1862)) "Died at the residence of Henry Roach, near Cayuga, Fountain Col, Indiana, February 7, 1875. Mrs. Elizabeth Summers Allen in the 84th year of her age. Mrs. Allen was born in Augusta Co., Virginia, November 5, 1791. She was married in Rupell Co., Virginia where she resided until 1820 when she moved to Morgan Co., Kentucky. she removed with her husband in November, 1827 (ed. or 1837?) to Fountain Co. this state and settled on the farm where she died. She had been for nearly 60 years a member of the Presbyterian ( or Predestination?) Church being united with the Church of Virginia. She was an industrious pioneer, a devoted mother, and ardent and zealous Christian, and will be missed by and mourned by her many friends. "Though to the grave her form hath gone, they week, but angels should with joy to welcome her to God in Heaven"
  Here is a note on a piece of paper in the Nancy Allen diary written by Nancy Allen Gailey, "I read this through 7 times when I was a girl, began at 11 years old. Nancy Allen Gailey. This bible was given to Martha Allen by her mother's grandmother "Blackburn, then on down to Martha and Jane, Martha Allen's daughter and granddaughter.
  In the family record's section in front of the bible... David ALLEN, b. 15 Sep 1827 (note: this is David Duncan Allen) Martha Jane ALLEN , b. 10 Dec 1840 (note: this is Martha Jane Blackburn) David ALLEN & Martha Jane BLACKBURN, m. 17 Oct 1857
  the children of Martha Jane Blackburn and David Allen are also listed on the next page of the bible: Nancy Elizabeth Allen, b 9 Aug 1859 Sara Catharine and David Thompson Allen, b. 19 Jan 1862 (note: Sara Catharine Allen and David thompson Allen were twins) Mary Ellen Allen,. b. 19 Mar 1873 (note on separate sheet - Died: 25 Aug 1865
  Anna Leotie Allen, b. 28 Aug 1866 Margaret Jane Allen,b. 11 Aug 1868 William Thomas Allen, b. 19 Mar 1874 (note: died, 6 May 1903)
  FAMILY RECORD PAGE Mary Ellen Allen, d. 25 Aug 1865 Martha Jane Blackburn Allen, d. 11 Nov 1876 (wife of David Allen) William thomas Allen, d. 6 May 1903
  "David's mother died (Frances Allen) when he was 13 years old. His mother's mother (Elizabeth Summers Allen 1790-1875) came to make her home in his father's home and care for the children. He well remembered the many thrilling tales of her early pioneer days in Kentucky, which she told him as he sat beside her near his father's big fireplace at night. she told of her first journey, as a bride, coming across the mountains from Virginia, her birthplace, with her husband, riding on a pack saddle on their horse, as her husband, Thomas Allen, walked beside her leading their cow into their new home to be hewn out of the Kentucky wilderness. All of their possessions that they could bring along in this way consisted of what they could caarry in a homespun linen bed-tick and put into or across the pack saddle. She carried in her lap a small spinning wheel and her husband caarried an axe and a gun, traveling more than a hundred miles to the new home to be."
  "Small woman, 115 pounds" (DIARY of David Allen Roach) Remained on the farm in Indiana afterh Thomas' death. Never married again. for a short time she lived with her daughter Elizabeth and husband Alfred Fisher in Parke Co. (David Allen Roach Diary, 1911) is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.