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Marriage: Children:
  1. Abigail WELTON: Birth: Abt 1668.

  2. Mary WELTON: Birth: 1670. Death: 21 Jul 1733

  3. Elizabeth WELTON: Birth: Abt 1671. Death: 8 Sep 1722

  4. John WELTON: Birth: Abt 1673 in Farmington,Hartford County,Conneticut. Death: 1738

  5. Stephen WELTON: Birth: Abt 1678 in Farmington,Hartford County,Conneticut. Death: 17 Mar 1713/1714 in Waterbury,New Haven County,Conneticut

  6. Child WELTON: Birth: Abt 1679 in Farmington,Hartford County,Conneticut. Death: Abt 1679 in Farmington,Hartford County,Conneticut

  7. Richard WELTON: Birth: 27 Sep 1679 in Waterbury,New Haven County,Conneticut. Death: 1755 in Waterbury,New Haven County,Conneticut

  8. Child #2 WELTON: Birth: Abt 1681 in Waterbury,New Haven County,Conneticut. Death: Abt 1681 in Waterbury,New Haven County,Conneticut

  9. Hannah WELTON: Birth: Abt 1683 in Waterbury,New Haven County,Conneticut.

  10. Thomas WELTON: Birth: 4 Feb 1683/1684 in Waterbury,New Haven County,Conneticut.

  11. George WELTON: Birth: 3 Feb 1686/1687 in Waterbury,New Haven County,Conneticut.

  12. Elsie WELTON: Birth: Aug 1690.

1. Title:   Upson Family in America

a. Note:   1716, Waterbury. Married, 1667, according to family tradition, either in England or on shipboard, John Welton, founder of the Welton Family in America. Date of birth unknown. Born in Wales; died June 18, 1726, Waterbury. Proof of Mary's parentage is found in Manwaring's Connecticut Probate Records, as John Welton signed a reciept for his wife's share in her father's estate. (The Upson Family in America - 1940). Upson family in America said that Mary Upson, the oldest daughter, was married about 1667 to John Welton of Wales while crossing the Atlantic, and thus became the ancestress of the Welton family in America. Upon reaching this country, the bride and groom settled in Farmington, going there by way of Saybrook. Later they moved to Mattatuck, now Waterbury, and their son Richard, is claimed to have been the first male child of European parentage to be born in that town. Isaac Bronson was the first child of Connecticut parentage."
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