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Marriage: Children:
  1. John Adam FISHER: Birth: 7 Oct 1744 in Stouchburg,Berkshire County,Pennsylvania. Death: 24 Nov 1825 in Union,Pennsylvania

  2. Anna Catherina FISHER: Birth: 9 Dec 1747 in Tulpehocken,Berks County,Pennsylvania.

  3. Magdalena FISHER : Birth: 11 Aug 1749 in Tulpehocken,Berks County,Pennsylvania.

  4. Jacob FISHER: Birth: 3 Dec 1751.

  5. Christian FISHER: Birth: 3 Dec 1751 in Tulpehocken,Berks County,Pennsylvania.

  6. Ann FISHER : Birth: 30 Sep 1754 in Tulpehocken,Berks County,Pennsylvania.

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1. Title:   The Genealogy of Henry W. Fisher
Author:   Henry W. Fisher
Publication:   842 Bluff Street, Beloit, Wisconsin; November 21, 1934
2. Title:   David Hughes Family Tree in
Author:   David Hughes

a. Note:   Nickname:<NICK> Johann? BIRTH: "...he (Sebastian Fischer) was among those Germans, 150 families in all, who next moved to the Schoharie Valley, about 60 miles northwest .(of Livingston Manor, near New York City) Here, about 1720, his son, John Jacob Fisher, was born." - page 1 of The Genealogy of Henry W. Fisher, written by Henry W. Fisher and dated November 21, 1934.
  WILL: "In his will made in 1802, John Jacob Fisher mentioned six children; the above daughters (Anna Catherine, Magdalene, Ann Elizabeth), his eldest son, John Adam, and two other sons, John and Christian, whose birthdays do not seem to be available for this record." - per The Genealogy of Henry W. Fisher, written by Henry W. Fisher, dated November 21, 1934. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.