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Marriage: Children:
  1. Caleb B. SIPPY: Birth: Nov 1823 in Mercer County,Pennsylvania. Death: 1874 in Tipton County,Indianna

  2. Asenath SIPPY: Birth: 2 May 1825 in Mercer County,Pennsylvania. Death: 7 Aug 1888

  3. John Griffin SIPPY: Birth: 17 Feb 1827 in Beaver Township,Crawford County,Pennsylvania. Death: 15 Jul 1909 in Richland County,Wisconsin

  4. Phebe SIPPY: Birth: 4 Apr 1829 in Meadville,Mercer Or Crawford County,Pennsylvania. Death: 26 May 1907 in Tipton County,Indianna

  5. Levi SIPPY: Birth: 1832 in Pennsylvania. Death: 10 Nov 1857 in Rush County,Indianna

  6. Ezra SIPPY: Birth: 1834 in Pennsylvania. Death: Aft 1850/bef 1858

1. Title:   1850 U.S. Federal Census.

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