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Marriage: Children:
  1. Alexios Emperor Of The BYZANTINE EMPIRE: Birth: Feb 1105/1106 in Balabista,Makedonia,Greece. Death: 1142 in Antalya,Antalya,Turkey

  2. Maria KOMNENE: Birth: Feb 1105/1106 in Balabista,Makedonia,Greece.

  3. Andronikos KOMNENOS: Birth: Abt 1108 in Balabista,Makedonia,Greece. Death: 1142

  4. Anna KOMNENE: Birth: Abt 1110 in Of,Constantinople,Constantinople,Turkey.

  5. Isaak (Ioannis) KOMNENOS: Birth: Abt 1115 in Of,Constantinople,Constantinople,Turkey. Death: 1174

  6. Theodora KOMNENE: Birth: Abt 1116 in Of,Constantinople,Constantinople,Turkey. Death: Aft 1189

  7. Eudoxia KOMNENE: Birth: Abt 1119 in Of,Constantinople,Constantinople,Turkey.

  8. I, Emperor Of The BYZANTINE EMPIRE Manolis: Birth: 28 Nov 1122 in Constantinople,Constantinople,Turkey. Death: 24 Sep 1180

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