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Marriage: Children:
  1. John Parker PARK: Birth: 4 Oct 1875 in Randolph, Rich, Utah, United States. Death: 23 Feb 1883 in Orem, Utah, Utah, United States

  2. Hugh PARK: Birth: 12 Aug 1877 in Provo, Utah, Utah, United States. Death: 26 Jan 1957

  3. Nora PARK: Birth: 29 Aug 1879 in Provo, Utah, Utah, United States. Death: 28 May 1900 in Provo, Utah, Utah, United States

  4. Albert Andrew PARK: Birth: 2 Sep 1881 in Provo, Utah, Utah, United States. Death: 28 Dec 1960 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States

  5. Louisa "B". PARK: Birth: 21 Jun 1883 in Provo, Utah, Utah, United States. Death: 5 Nov 1979 in Long Beach, Los Angeles, California, United States

  6. William Smith PARK: Birth: 3 Sep 1885 in Orem, Utah, Utah, United States. Death: 25 Jan 1963 in Orem, Utah, Utah, United States

  7. Joseph PARK: Birth: 1887 in Provo, Utah, Utah, United States. Death: 1887

  8. Eliza Iona PARK: Birth: 16 Aug 1889 in Orem, Utah, Utah, United States. Death: 22 Oct 1969

  9. Mary Ann PARK: Birth: 20 May 1893 in Provo Bench, Orem, Utah, Utah, United States. Death: 16 Dec 1977 in Orem, Utah, Utah, United States

  10. Uella Jane PARK: Birth: 6 Nov 1896 in Provo, Utah, Utah, United States. Death: 30 Dec 1922 in Carey, Blaine, Idaho, USA

  11. Vetris Erma PARK: Birth: 20 Jun 1899 in Orem, Utah, Utah, United States. Death: 26 Feb 1968 in Long Beach, Los Angeles, California, United States

Marriage: Children:
  1. Naomi Lenore PARK: Birth: 5 Apr 1916 in Orem, Utah, Utah, United States. Death: 31 Mar 1973

  2. Larue Susannah PARK: Birth: 1 Apr 1918 in Orem, Utah, Utah, United States. Death: 4 Jul 2000

  3. John Jex Smith PARK: Birth: 8 May 1921 in Orem, Utah, Utah, United States. Death: 27 Feb 1992 in Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho, United States

  4. Joseph Vernon PARK: Birth: 2 Jun 1923 in Orem, Utah, Utah, United States. Death: 21 May 1925 in Provo Bench, Orem, Utah, Utah, United States

  5. Harvey Jex PARK: Birth: 9 Jun 1925 in Orem, Utah, Utah, United States. Death: 10 Aug 2005 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States

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Name: John Smith PARK Title: twin Sex: M Birth: 30 DEC 1849 in Provo,Utah,Utah Death: 24 JAN 1940 in Orem,Utah,Utah Burial: 28 JAN 1940 Provo City Cem,Provo,Utah,Utah LDS Baptism: 6 AUG 1860 Endowment: 26 OCT 1874 Temple: EHOUS Reference Number: 17CD-C6
Note: Baptized 1860 Note: Record of members, 1852-1942; annual genealogical report, Form E, 1907-1948 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Provo 2nd Ward (Utah) 026324 1852-1940 Provo 2nd ward record (Ordained deacon) Park 35,38,39,57church record Park 60 Note: Pioneers and Prominent men of Utah (son of James Park and Marion Allen of Kent near Glasgow, Scotland). Born May 11, 1802, Glasgow came to Utah Sept 29, 1847, Edward Hunter Company. Married Louisa Smith March 24 1840, Plympton, West Ontario, Canada (daughter of William Smith and Mary Ann Staples of Lambton Ontario, Canada. Pioneers Sept 30, 1847 Edward Hunter Company. Their children 1. Jane Married Albert Jones 2. Mary Ann, Married Isaac Brockbank 3. Marion M. Daniel Vincent 4. Louisa married Harvey Harper; and James Whitman 5. John Smith Married Martha M. Parker 6. Joseph Smith, Married Maria Elizabeth Harding 7. Martha Ellen Married Thomas W. Allen 8. David Smith Married Epsy Pace; 9. Margret Naomi Married John W. Hoover 10. Andrew Albert, Died aged 18 Family home Provo Elder High Priest, Veteran Echo Canyon Campaign, farmer Died 30 Mar 1869
Note: Endowments of the living, 1851-1884 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Endowment House 183407 John Park b 28 Dec 1849 Provo Utah Utah Bap 1860 parents John and Louisa Smith Endowed Oct 26, 1874 Endowment House
Note: IGI Marriage record
Note: John Smith Park History by Mary Ann Park Davis William and John Smith Park were born 29 December 1849 in a log cabin which was built inside the old Fort at Provo. They were the first pair of twins born in Utah County, and were sons of John and Louisa Smith Park, Pioneers of 1847, who came to Salt lake in September 1847. They had four daughters. Three born in Canada and on at Winter Quarters, when they came to Salt Lake. They were among the first families chosen by Brigham Young to settle Provo, and when the twins came they were a great source of amusement and curiosity to the Squaws who often came to see them. The twins were cared for by the two older sisters. Jane had the care of William and Mary cared for John, as times were very hard and everyone had to work helping with the crops and keeping watch for the Indians as they were very troublesome, often driving away or killing the settlers cattle. When Father was small they moved from this cabin to higher ground where another fort was built known as the Old Adobe Yards. The remained there for nearly two years, and the family again moved to what is known as Dry Creek, and here they took up farming land, another pair of twins were born here called Joseph and Martha, and later on three more children came making eleven brothers and sisters in all. Soon as John and William were old enough they would herd the cows up on the foot hills east of Provo City, going barefoot and many times the Indians would follow them, stepping on their heels and take their lunches away from them. John grew to manhood full of mischief and high spirits and used to make us children laugh and wonder at some of the wild escapades he would tell us about and also sing the way the Indians did. His school teachers must of not been too alert or watchful because on several occasions he told us of slipping out of school in the winter time taking some ones sled and horses and getting a girl or two and going for a ride and coming back to school before the teacher found out what had happened. He went to Randolph, Rich County, Utah also to Morgan, Utah to work and it was at Morgan that he met, courted and married one of the bells of that town, Martha Melissa Parker, daughter of Wyman Maynard Parker and Martha Simmons. The were married 26 October 1874 in the Salt Lake Endowment House. They lived for some time in Morgan, Utah. Here the first child was born, Johnie Parker and then they moved to Randolph, Rich County, where Hugh Park was born, then to Provo where Nora and Albert Andrew were born, and it was here that the first great sorrow came into their lives, they lost their oldest boy. Johnie, who was born 4 Oct 1875, died 23 Feb 1883 at the age of seven. Father then took up a large section of land on Provo Bench, one hundred and sixty acres, and here he built a log house. The ground was all sage brush and lots of rocks and no water closer than Provo river on the south and Battle creek on the north. Their cattle were driven each day to one of these streams to drink. Their culinary water was hauled in barrels. The work was hard, but gradually the ground was broken up and planted into fruit trees, berries, potatoes, vegetables and he also raised large patches of grain and alfalfa. Canals and ditches were dug to bring water to the thirsty land of which he helped to dig. he also worked for sometime on the railroad. In 1883, the first child was born in the little log house, and named Louisa B. Later William Smith, and another boy they called Joseph, who was not blessed but died at birth and was buried close to the house. Then came Iona and last born in the log home, as a new home was being constructed about one half mile south made of red brick and as fine a home as was found on the bench at that time. here Mary Ann, Uella Jane and Erma Vetris were born making eleven children in all. The Indians were still troublesome for quite a number of years after they moved out on the Bench, killing the settlers cattle and causing trouble in various ways, but as the Bench built up, the Indians left, leaving the farmers in peace, but with the elements and every increasing number of insects to fight in order to raise good crops. The Timpanagas Ward was organized and Father was chosen as the first ward clerk which position he held for fourteen years. He was also active in civic affairs serving as constable for two years, and Justice of the Peace for fourteen years and many times holding court on our large front room. Later the Sharon Ward was organized and he was chairman of the building committee for the new church house which land he donated to the ward to build it on. He helped build the Provo Bench Canal and was Superintendent of the canal for sixteen years. He also donated the land for the Sharon School. He sold a lot of his land, but retained enough to make a fine living, his fruit was among the finest, which he sold in Salt Lake, Park City and other places. He also sold a number of fat steers each fall to help the family budget, and his horses were beautiful animals, which he took great pride in. He was a friend to all and wanted to help, if needed. On one occasion, a new family by the name of Whipple had moved on to the bench. They were quite a ways from neighbors, were strangers and felt very much alone. One night a knock came on their door. Upon opening it John Park stood there. He introduced himself and told them if they needed help, he was there to help and wanted to be friends. It was a kindness these people never forgot, and was told to me long after Father had passed away, by one of the daughters of the family. My father was thrifty, having the blood of the pioneers in his veins. He believed in the old slogan, "Waste not--Want not." He was very industrious and with the help of his good wife, my Mother, also all the children that were home, the farm work was done, and fruit harvested without the aid of very little hired help. He was also known as one of the wealthiest farmers on the Bench. He and two other farmers, James Loveless and John Snow bought the first three automobiles on the bench. On July 19 1913, his wife was accidently killed, and two years later he married a widow, Maud Jex Hooper, on June 30, 1915 in Salt Lake Temple. Five children were born to them, Naoma, LaRue, John Jex, Harvey Jex, and Joseph Vernon, who died when a small child. He lived a healthy and prosperous life, never knowing a sick day, only once in his younger life, he nearly died. He took what he thought was epsom salts and took a large dose. it was "strychnine" and made him very ill, but the fact of him taking an over dose saved his life. At the age of 80 he worked and climbed to the highest pear trees on the farm, picking fruit with the younger men. He was affectionately called Uncle John by many relatives and friends, at the age of 90 he peacefully passed away on January 24, 1940 at his new home he built close to the old brick home, now known as Orem. He left seven children by his first wife and four by the second. Also many grand children and great grand children. Written by his daughter Mary Ann Park Davis. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Note: John S. Park who with his twin brother, William, were the first white twins born in Utah County. They were born in Fort Utah, the first fort built in Provo. It was located north-west of Provo by the river bridge on Geneva road. Soon after this it was decided they should move to higher ground, so another fort was built on the north side of Provo where Sowette Park is now located. There used to be an adobe yard there. John Park, the father of John Smith Park, had acquired some farming land in the southwest part of Provo. After a short stay in the second fort, the family moved to the farm known as Dry Creek, so they could be near his farm. It was here another pair of twins were born, named Joseph and Martha. The family had very few idle moments as the Indians were a continual torment. John S. Park on many occasions was away herding cows when the Indians would shoot the cows with a bow and arrow. At another time the indians drove his cows out into a slough where three cows mired down and died. Still another time the indians stepped on his bare feet and kept threatening to kill him if he cried, so he told them they could have his lunch if they would leave him alone, which they did. This kept going on as long as he herded his cows out by the Utah County Infirmary, which is now called Eldred Manor. He herded his cows here away from the white people and the Indians would come out of the brush that grew up by the hills. In 1865 the family moved to the 5th West and 6th South. In 1869, father John Park died. John S. being the oldest son was a great support to his mother and young brothers and sisters. He worked at anything he could get, such as threshing grain and harvesting it with a cradle and tieing it by hand threshing it with a flail. When the Salt Lake Temple was under construction he went to Salt Lake City and lived with his sister, Mary, who was married to Isaac Brockbank. With a poor team of horses he had managed to get with the help of his brother-in-law, Isaac, and the front running gears of a wagon, he hauled granite blocks from the granite mountain in Little Cottonwood Canyon, to the temple site in Salt Lake. He could only haul one block at a load as they were so heavy and large. The huge stones were bound to the front axle of a wagon and the man walked to the side. He later took a contract to haul ore from Peoche, Nevada, and also from Eureka, Utah. John Smith Park met and married Martha Melissa Parker October 26, 1874. They lived in Randolph, which was Martha's hometown, for a time and then moved to Provo. He homesteaded a section of land on Provo Bench, now called Orem, where he built a log cabin on 4th North and State Street. They lived here for a few years. In 1890 he began to build a brick house at 1st North and State Street. This home was completed in 1891, where they lived for many years and the rest of the family was born here. Martha Park was killed in a horse and buggy accident on July 19, 1913. On June 30, 1915 he married Maud Jex Hopper. There were ten children born to the first family: John, Hugh, Nora, Albert, Louisa, William, Iona, May, Uella, and Vetris. To the second family were born five children: Naomi, LaRue, John, Vernon, and Harvey. John Smith Park was the first ward clerk in the Timpanogas ward. He was President and Secretary of Provo Bench and Irrigation Co., for fourteen years. On his section of land Brigham Young dug a well to find water on Provo Bench as there was no water between Provo River and Battle Creek from which water was carried for their use. The cattle had to be driven for water to these rivers. Brigham Young told him Provo Bench would someday be a bigger city than Provo. In 1931 he built a new home just north of his present home. John Smith Park died on January 24, 1940 at the age of 92. He was buried in Provo City Cemetery. Author: Unknown ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Note: From the book, "History of Utah Since Statehood", Vol. III. S.J. Clarke, Pub. Co. 1919. Located in the Sons of Utah Pioneers Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. JOHN SMITH PARK John Smith Park, who is the owner of an excellent fruit farm of nineteen acres, was one of twins, he and his brother William being the first white male children born in Provo. Their natal day was December 29, 1849, their parents being John and Louisa (Smith) Park. The father was born at Kent, near Glasgow, Scotland, and in 1822 crossed the Atlantic to Canada. He afterward made his way to Utah with an ox team in 1847, traveling with the Edward Hunter Company. After a short stay in Salt Lake City he proceeded to Provo and was among the pioneer residents of that place. He settled in the Old Fort and it was there that John Smith Park of this review was born. The father was a weaver by trade and not only along industrial but along various other lines was closely associated with the early development and progress of the district in which he settled. He served in the Echo Canyon campaign, gave his attention to farming and remained an active worker in the church, in which he was a high priest. He died in 1867, while the mother of John S. Park passed away in 1891. She was a school teacher in Canada prior to her marriage. John S. Park, spending his youthful days in his parent's home, acquired a good education and in early manhood engaged in freighting and railroading. In 1884 he homesteaded one hundred and sixty acres on the Provo bench and his was one of the first families to live upon the bench. His original homestead has since been divided and now constitutes thirteen separate small farms, while upon the tract there are also a meeting house and a schoolhouse, Mr. Park giving the land for the school and the church. At all times he has been actuated by a most progressive spirit and was one of the first to irrigate on the Provo bench. In 1891 he erected a large brick residence, which was the first brick house of considerable size on the bench. There is no feature of development and improvement here in which he has not bee nkeenly interested and much of the time has given most earnest support to projects for the general good. He was superintendent of the Provo Bench Canal & Irrigation Company for fourteen years and did much to secure an adequate water supply for the district. He now owns a nineteen acre farm, which he cultivates, it being devoted largely to the raising of fruit. As the years have passed he has prospered in his undertakings and is now the owner of two other residences besides the one which he occupies. In 1874, in Salt Lake City, Mr. Park was united in marriage to Miss Martha Parker, who was born in Morgan, Utah. Their living children are: Hugh, who married Nora Fillerup and resides in Canada; Albert, who married Ruth Dilworth and makes his home in Blaine, Idaho; Louisa, the wife of Josiah Howard, also a resident of Blaine; William, who married Lizzie Meecham and lives on the Provo Bench; Eliza, the wife of Alfred Ashton, a resident of Magna, Utah; Mary Ann, the wife of Roy Davis, living at Grand View, Utah; Nella, the wife of Vivian Loosie, a resident of Burley, Idaho; Erma, at home; and William, who went on a mission to the Samoan Islands, where he remained from 1905 to 1909. Mr. Park was married a second time when Miss Maud Jex, of Spanish Fork, became his wife. She is a daughter of Thomas and Susanna (Howlett) Jex, who are now living retired at Spanish Fork. Mr. and Mrs. Park have two children, Naomi L. and La Rue. He also has twenty one grandchildren. His political allegiance is given to the republican party and for fourteen years he served as Justice of the Peace and has also been constable and water superintendent. He is very active in the work for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, has been a member of the Seventy and was ward clerk for a number of years. His has been an active and useful life which measures up to high standards of manhood and citizenship. All who know him respect him for his sterling worth. He is one of the honored pioneer settlers of this section, having lived in Provo and vicinity for a period of seventy years, so that he has been a witness of almost the entire growth and development of the state. Great indeed have been the changes which have occurred during this period and in the community in which he has lived. Mr. Park has always borne his part in the work of general progress and improvement. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Park 980 Note: !TIB record Park 408
Father: John PARK b: 11 MAY 1802 in East Cotes,Cambuslang,Lanark, Scotland Mother: Louisa SMITH b: 21 JUN 1817
Marriage 1 Martha Melissa PARKER b: 6 OCT 1856 in Farmington,Davis, Utah Married: 26 OCT 1874 in Salt Lake,Salt Lake,Utah Sealing Spouse: 26 OCT 1874 in EHOUS Children John Parker PARK b: 4 OCT 1875 in Randolph,Rich,Utah Hugh PARK b: 12 AUG 1877 in Provo,Utah,Utah Nora PARK b: 29 AUG 1879 in Provo,Utah,Utah Albert Andrew PARK b: 2 SEP 1881 in Provo,Utah,Utah Louisa "B" PARK b: 21 JUN 1883 in Provo Bench,Utah,Utah William Smith PARK b: 3 SEP 1885 in Orem,Utah Co.,Utah Joseph PARK b: 1887 in Provo,Utah,Utah Eliza Iona PARK b: 16 AUG 1889 in Orem,Utah,Utah Mary Ann PARK b: 20 MAY 1893 in Provo Bench,Utah,Utah Uella Jane PARK b: 16 NOV 1896 in Provo,Utah,Utah Erma Vetris PARK b: 20 JUN 1899 in Provo Bench,Utah,Utah Marriage 2 Louisa Maud JEX b: 23 JUN 1883 in Spanish Fork,Utah,Utah Married: 30 JUN 1915 in Salt Lake City,Salt Lake,Utah Children Naomi Lenore PARK b: 5 APR 1916 in Orem,Utah,Utah Living PARK John Jex Smith PARK b: 8 MAY 1921 in Orem,Utah,Utah Joseph Vernon PARK b: 2 JUN 1923 in Orem,Utah,Utah Living PARK The dates of the second marr. and family has been "verified."
!Baptized 1860
!F#026324 1852-1940 Provo 2nd ward record (Ordained deacon) Park 35, 38,39,57church record Par k 60
!Pioneers and Prominent men of Utah
!183407 John Park b 28 Dec 1849 Provo Utah Utah Bap 1860 parents John and Louisa Smith Endowe d Oct 26, 1874 Endowment House
!IGI Marriage record
!John Smith Park History by Mary Ann Park Davis Park #313-314
!John Smith Park History Author unknown Park 315
!TIB record Park 408
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