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Marriage: Children:
  1. Larkin Higginbotham: Birth: 1814 in Tennessee.

  2. Alexander Madison Higginbotham: Birth: 1815 in Tennessee. Death: 1879 in Cass County,Iowa

  3. Mahala Higginbotham: Birth: 27 Dec 1818 in Tennessee.

  4. Tiriza Ann Higginbotham: Birth: 27 Dec 1818 in Tennessee.

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  6. Elizabeth Higginbotham: Death: Bef 4 Jun 1846 in Mills Township,Bond County,Illinois

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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Hale Higginbotham: Birth: 2 Oct 1839 in Iowa County,Wisconsin. Death: 27 Jan 1898 in Deadwood,South Dakota

  2. John Alexander Higginbotham: Birth: 7 Mar 1842 in Lafayette County,Wisconsin. Death: 2 Aug 1883 in Near Kansas City,Missouri

1. Title:   Nichols
Author:   Helen Nichols Murphy Battleson

a. Note:   Per Earl Higginbotham. Alexander? Middleton Higginbotham, believed to be a son of William and Dolly (Sandidge) was born in Elbert County, Teorgis? ca 1788. We find one Middleton living in Dickson County, Tennessee in 1820 with a large family. We also find a reference dated August 2, 1813 to one "Captain Alexander Higginbotham" in the Hickman County, Tennessee militia, 36th Regiment. Circumstantial evidence strongly supports my belief that "Middleton" and "Alexander" were one in the same person. On the other hand, there is a very remote possibility that Middleton and Alexander wre brothers, either twins or near the same age. The earliest known Higginbothams to live in the above mentioned counties in Middle Tennessee were the family of William and Dolly, which is the primary basis for my conclusion about Middleton's family. Also note that Middleton had a son names "Alexander Madison Higginbotham" in Illinois. In 1830 we find Middleton Higginbotham living in Bond County, Illinois, where his first wife apparently died. Some of their children may have died young, but those who lived to maturity grew up and married in Bond County. Members of this family later moved to Menard County, Illinois whre court records identify several brothers and sisters who moved there from Bond County. (See DAR Magazine #59 - January/December, 1925). Middleton apparently married a second time, to Mary ? and they probably had other children. He left Bond county before 1840, apparently leaving a young wife and children behind. However, the "Mary Higginbotham" who lived there might have been the widow of a deceased son of Middleton, whose name is not known. We find what appears to be Mary's second marriage to one Robert Gaston in Bond County on October 2, 1845.
  In 1840 we find "Alexander Higginbotham" living in Iowa County, Wisconsin, and by 1850 he lived in Lafayette County, Wisconsin with a young wife named Amy, and two young sons. Also living in his household is his brother "Caleb" and a nephew named "Green Higginbotham", who was probably Caleb's son. There is little doubt that Alexander and Caleb are the sons of William and Dolly Higginbotham of Perry County, Tennessee.
  In his old age Middleton moved to Fannin County, Texas with his youngest son John Alexander Higginbotham, where he died in 1870. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.