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Marriage: Children:
  1. George Levi Lamb: Birth: 2 Oct 1895 in BOYLE COUNTY KENTUCKY. Death: in BOYLE COUNTY KENTUCKY

  2. Garnett T. Lamb: Birth: 30 Oct 1898 in Boyle County,Kentucky. Death: 12 Aug 1959 in Boyle County,Kentucky

  3. Joseph Ledford Lamb: Birth: 1900 in Boyle County, Kentucky. Death: 14 Feb 1916 in Boyle County, Kentucky

  4. Mary Frances Lamb: Birth: 18 Mar 1903 in Boyle County,Kentucky. Death: 23 Jun 1986 in BOYLE COUNTY KENTUCKY

  5. Person Not Viewable

  6. Infant Lamb: Birth: 1906 in BOYLE COUNTY KENTUCKY. Death: 1906 in BOYLE COUNTY KENTUCKY

  7. Otha Jackson Lamb: Birth: 23 Sep 1909 in Boyle Co Kentucky. Death: 9 Jul 1979 in Boyle County,Kentucky

  8. Cora Ellen Lamb: Birth: 15 Dec 1910 in Boyle County,Kentucky. Death: 2 Oct 1997 in Marion County Kentucky

  9. Woodrow Lamb: Birth: 25 Dec 1913 in Boyle County,Kentucky. Death: 14 Feb 1975 in GARRARD COUNTY KENTUCKY

  10. Ira David Lamb: Birth: 1 Feb 1914 in BOYLE COUNTY KENTUCKY. Death: 18 Jan 1954 in LAWRENCEBURG INDIANIA

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buried in Chambers Cemetery.[Chambers.ftw]
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