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1. Page:   Monesano, WA
2. Title:   Marriage License
 GEDCOM file imported on 7 Feb 2001.
Author:   Carole (Guthrie) Bonnell

a. Note:   lived in Tacoma as a girl, her father ran a store for a short time,carnival rides near the Ocean beaches, did carpenter work.
  After marriage, they lived Tacoma, bought land in Spanaway and build ahouse with Kieths parents in 1942; Hartley & Hattie (Barkdoll)Bonnell. both families lived in the house until Kieth built his own 4bedroom house next to it, and Hattie and Hartley built one on theother side of it. They rented the first house out for years. (Kieth'sson Larry bought it in 1980 for $ 20,000 and sold in in 1992 for $80,000, a bargain.) Larry's wife Carole used it for a Forist and GArdenshop from 1981 to 1988. They rented it to their son, Dean in 1988 to1991. Then while nephew Larry Lee was building his house in Roy, WA.,they rented it for three or four months.
  Dorothy picked fir cones, recycled pop cans, and raised four kids.They liked to 4-wheel drive, having some of the Webfooter Jeep ClubPlayday's at their 80 acres, where they eventually moved and stayeduntil their deaths.
  Dorothy and Kieth were generous with their children, giving a startwith a piece of property to build a house on and lending money forschools, business and any other reasonable request. Kieth alsooffered $1,000 to any grandchild who wanted to attend college. DeanBonnell, our son, took advantage of it and so did Karl Rogge, anothergrandson of Kieth.
  Kieth bought property on 224th Str. by Bethel High where they liveduntil all children were grown and married. After 1980 they bought amobile home and moved to the '80 acres' a mile east on 52 ave. Hesold most of the 224th property, keeping the original house and rentalto the east of it, for about $98,000.
  After his death in 1987, Dorothy sold 35 acres of the '80' and loggedit before selling. She told it for less than $ 7,000 per acre, when itwas worth $ 10,000 - $ 12,000. The buyer took advantage of son Larrybeing out of town and made the deal. Larry helped her invest in thestock market and kept the money increasing. She was still able to buya new car for cash in 1990, go to Bingo and spend $ 100 each and everyday of the year, while increasing her stocks.
  In 1992 she signed over the 224th Str house to Gerri, her daughter aspart of her inheritance, and 1998 4 1/2 Acres next to son Bob's tohim. She died 29 June 1998, unexpectedly, thought she had hearttrouble. She left her daughter Bonny her home and five acres and herson Larry the garage and five acres. She left an estate to herchildren of;
  House 224th St. $ 124,000 her home & 5 acres $ 110,000 Bob's 4/12 acres $ 60,000 Larry - 5 acres $72,000 = $ 366,00 land Cash Merril Lynch $ 196,000 PVB mutual funds 51,000 = $ 247,000 total: $ 613.000 plus her car and furnishings
Note:   Dorothy was married at 16 yrs. to Kieth Bonnell, a schoolmate. She
b. Note:   Death Certificate # 2520 - Pierce Co, WA. DOROTHY MAY BONNELL female, d. 29 Jun 1998 @ 74 yrs b. 2 april 1924Tacoma, WA, never in US Armed forces, d. Pierce Co., city of Spanaway,WA. lived 23214 52 Ave E, Spanaway, smoker, widowed, SS # 538-07-6472,completed 12th grade, Homemaker, owned own home, white, FA; William T. Carty MA; Mabel Underwood, informant; Larry ABonnell, of 22717 41 AVE CT E - Spanaway, WA 98387, Cremaiton 7 Jul 1998 @ Mountain View Crematory @ Mt View FuneralHome 4100 Steilacoom Blvd. SW, Tacoma, WA 98499 - director; Robert j.Elms. MD. Timothy S. Schmidt, 11019 Canyon Rd., E., Pualluup, WA98373------ signed 30 Jun 1998. Cause: Acute Myocardial IschemicEvent - minutes, Atherosclerotic coronary Vascular disease - years. noautopsy. (both Kieth & Dorothy's remains were scattered in the Mt View Cem."old' rose Garden. There was a brick purchased for each placed beneith& to the south of the cross in the Rose Garden below is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.