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Marriage: Children:
  1. Johann Dieter Schollenberger: Birth: September 24, 1729 in Albig, Germany. Death: July 20, 1732 in Albig, Germany

  2. Johann Gerhard Schollenberger: Birth: September 1, 1731 in Albig, Germany. Death: July 14, 1732 in Albig, Germany

  3. Johann Gerhardt Shollenberger: Birth: April 21, 1733 in Albig, Germany. Death: May 2, 1777 in Greenwich Twp., Berks Co., PA.

  4. Johann Heinrich Shollenberger: Birth: January 30, 1735 in Albig, Germany. Death: in Colebrookdale, Berks Co., PA.

  5. Johann Lorenz Schollenberger: Birth: August 14, 1737 in Albig, Germany. Death: 1785 in Greenwich Twp., Berks Co., PA

  6. Anna Elisabeth Schollenberger: Birth: August 14, 1737 in Albig, Germany.

  7. Maria Magdalena Schollenberger: Birth: December 7, 1739 in Albig, Germany.

  8. Jacob Shollenberger: Birth: Abt. 1743 in Berks Co., PA.. Death: 1778 in Greenwich Twp. Berks Co., PA.

a. Note:   erhardt, Heinrich and Lorenz and brother-in-law Dietrich Hoppach with sister Maria Magdalena. A son Jacob was born after arriving in America. Frederick was a farmer in Greenwich Twp., Berks Co., PA. The original spelling of his name was Schollenberger. Frederick arrived at Philadelphia on the ship Loyal Judith, September 3, 1742. He is listed as age 40. On January 13, 1747, Frederich obtained a Land Warrant (no. 178 PA Bureau of Land Records) for 100 acres in New Maxatawny Twp., Philadelphia Co. This location subsequently became Albany and later Greenwich Twp., Berks Co., PA. The original property grew to 210 acres and lies in Klinesville which is to the East of Lenhartsville, Berks Co., PA. The adjoining properties were owned by George Shellenberger, Gerrerd Shollenberger, Simon Metzgar, G. Michael Rienhart, Daniel L. Kamp, and Ulrich Waggoner. He appeared in the Greenwich Twp. tax lists for the years 1756 and 1759. He took the oath of Allegiance to the British Crown at Philadelphia on April 11, 1763. Frederick received an indenture for 120 pounds on April 7, 1768, this document was called a Deed Poll. Witnesses were Jacob Layby, and George Michael Layby. County Justice was Sebastian Zimmerman. John Keller later recorded this Deed Poll on January 10, 1877. He is listed in a deed to his son Jacob (Berks Co., Deeds Vol. 123 p. 573-575) on January 26, 1768. "Yeoman of Greenwich Twp.(formerly Maxatawny Twp.) to son Jacob 180 plus and additional 80 Acres. Contributor: Richard C. Shollenberger c. Helen Shollenbarger Eller 2001
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