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  2. Harriet Ann Spicer: Birth: 1939 in MS. Death: 1979 in MS

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1. Title:   v61t2506.FTW

a. Note:   Custom Field:<_FA#> See Note Page@@S080679@@Date of Import: Dec 23, 2000 JOSEPH SPICER 19 Apr 1912 Feb 1985 39567 Pascagoula, Jackson, MS 428-18-1630 MS (Before 1951) Shelia Spicer DeBlaey (Born 1968) My Father: John Henry Spicer (Born 1937) His Mother: Verna Mae Spicer (Born 1922,23,25) Her Father: Joseph Elmer Spicer (Born ?) All from Pascagoula, MS Any information would be wonderful, I'm at a dead end. Respectfully, Shelia Spicer DeBlaey Hi !! It seems we are related after all. Joseph born in 1912(Uncle Son to me) was my Great Uncle. I didn't know that the Joseph born in 1876 was married twice. His second wife Virginia was my Great Grandmother. That would mean that the original Joseph and Josephine were my Great Great Grandparents...WOW` I hope I haven't totally confused you. My Grandmother Verna Mae (her son, John Henry Spicer is my Daddy)was Joseph's (b:1912)sister. Lloyd, Wilda Mae, Robert,Verna Mae and Joseph (b:1912) were siblings, but who belongs to whom? I know that Verna was born to Virginia and Joseph (b:1876)but who were the other's Mother? Virginia or Pauline? I guess they were all born to Virginia because it looks as if Pauline married to him long. Please tell me if you know anymore. I will now go nuts trying to figure out how we are related my long lost relative. I sure am glad I didn't name any of my children Joseph...Ha Ha Shelia Spicer DeBlaey --- DeBlaey <> wrote: [v61t2506.FTW] Facts about this person: Fact 1 April 19, 1912 born Fact 2 married Fact 3 February 28, 1984/85 died Burial March 02, 1984/85 Greenwood Cemetery is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.