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Marriage: Children:
  1. Polly Starks: Birth: 1780 in Southampton Co., Va.

  2. Matthew Starks: Birth: 1782 in Southhamton Co. VA. Death: Wft Est. 1833-1872 in ?

  3. Lucy Starks: Birth: 1784 in Southhamton Co. VA. Death: Bet. 1809 - 1877 in ?

  4. Child Starks: Birth: Dec 1786 in Southhamton Co. VA. Death: Wft Est. 1787-1880

  5. Jesse Starks: Birth: 1788 in Southhamton Co. VA. Death: 1832 in Calloway Co., KY

  6. Reuben Marshall Starks: Birth: 1790 in Southampton Co., VA. Death: 10 Oct 1861 in Marshall Co., Ky.

  7. Betsy Starks: Birth: 1792 in southhamton Co. VA. Death: Wft Est. 1793-1886

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2. Title:   50160.ftw

a. Note:   REFN: 5 [50160.ftw]
 Zerebabel Stark mentioned as taxpayer of Southamton Co. VA in 1782--- per
 "Virginia Taxpayers" by Fothergill.
 Southampton Co. VA Minute Book 1784-1789---page 444. Indenture of
 bargain and sale between James Griswit and wife Elizabeth and Zerobabell
 Starkes proved by the oaths of Matthew Cobb, Thomas Pope and Dempsey
 Southampton Co. VA Will Book---Will of James Darden---December
 5,1794---January 8, 1795. Witnesses:Robert H. Fisher, Stephen Pope,
 Zerobabell Stakes.
 Southampton Co. VA Indexto Grantor Deeds Book 8, page 517---August 21,
 1797. Zerebabel Stark and wife to James Griswell.
 Robertson Co. TN Deed Book F, page 215---Recorded July 14, 1801. James Norfleet and John Young to Zenebabel Starks--- land in Springfield.
 Robertson Co. TN Minute Book 1---April, 1800. Ordered that a dedemus
 potestation issue to the State of Virginia, Southampton Co. to take the
 depositions of James Edwards and James Griswell or any one of them to
 prove the last will of Forababel Stark deceased.
 Robertson Co. TN Minute Book 1---August 1804. In account Dortch
 commission report lands for purpose of paying taxes. Zerrubabel Starks
 heirs lot in Springfield.
 Robertson Co. TN Minute Book 1---November 1805. Tax: Zerubabel Stark
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