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  1. Adela Capet Princess Of FRANCE: Birth: 1003 in France. Death: 8 JAN 1078/79 in Monastaere De L'ordre De St. Benoist, Messines, France

a. Note:   Note: Called Robert the Pious. He was educated at Reims under theFrench scholar Gerbert, who later became Pope Sylvester II. PopeGregory V
 (died 999) excommunicated him and annulled his marriage, whichwas
 considered incestuous by the church; in 1003 Robert submitted tothe
 pope and married the daughter of the marquis of Provence. Herecognized
 Hugh, the eldest of these sons, as his successor. After Hugh'sdeath in
 1025, the other sons, aided by their mother, revolted; Robertwas still
 fighting them at the time of his own death. Robert was calledThe Pious
 because of his humility and charity; he was also esteemed as asoldier
 and ruler
 Also Known As: Robert "LePieux". Born: between 27 Mar 970 and972 in Orleans, Loiret, Orleanais, France, son of Hughes II,King de France and Adelaide de Poitiers, Some sources indicatethat Robert II was born in the year 972 while other indicatethe date 27 March 970 which would make his birth some threemonths after his father, Hughes Capet's, marriage to hismother, Adelaide. Married in 989: Rosela=Suzanne, Princess ofItaly, daughter of Berenger II, King of Italy and Willa d'Arles; It is considered a strange idea on the part of Hughes thathis young son should marry a woman who was some 32-years [somesay she was even 37 years] older than Robert. In 988, she hadbecome the widow
 of Arnoul II de Flandre. She is quite pretty but has "troubling"black eyes, but most importantly, she brings as dowryMontreuil-sur-Mer. This will allow the capetian sovereigns tohave access to the French Channel. Repudiated: Rosela=Suzanne,Princess of Italy in 992 in France Robert II repudiated hiswife because she was "an old woman", but he would keep thedowry of Montreuil-sur-Mer. Note - between 996 and 1031: RobertII became King of France upon the death of his father on 24October 996. In 1000,
 Angers is destroyed by fire. When the King's Uncle, Henri, Dukeof Burgundy died without heir in 1002 {the same year Strasbourgis completey destroyed by fire), Otto-Guillaume, Count ofBurgundy, supported by the Chatelains, and local prelats.wanted to expand his territories. But, King Robert
 would have none of it, claiming that the duchy should remainwithout the capetian family. With the help of the Abbe of Clunyand the Bishop of Autun, and also supported by the Duke ofNormandie, King Robert undertook a veritable conquest ofBurgundy which would last some 12 years. In 1002, Robert helpedthe Lombards to establish a King for themselves in the personof Arduin of Ivrea [d'Ivree] . In 1015, Brunon, Bishop ofLangres, and principal ally of the Count of Burgundy, dies, andOtto-Guillaume renders Hommage to the King. Robert gives theDuchy to his son, Henri, but it is in title only, as the Kinginsists on keeping the power of the properties of the kingdomas well as their revenues. In the footsteps of his father,Robert II associates his eldest son, Hughes, to the throne in1017. This really miffs the lords of the court who were hopingfor an election. But it is Queen Constance herself, who sees toit that her son does not get the least lands as part of thedeal. In 1018, Poitiers and Beauvais both are ravaged by
 fire, and the next year Rouen and Chartres also are destroyed byfire. In 1023, Eudes II de Blois takes over the succession ofChampagne. Thus, the next 200 years, Blois, Chartres andChampagne would be a constant menace to the scant royalproperties. Though Robert "Le Pieux" and Henri II, Emperor ofGermany worked toward peace, these efforts came to an end in1024 upon the death of Henri II. When
 Robert's eldest son, Hughes dies in 1026, Robert prepares hissecond son, who would be Henri I. Married in 997 in Tours,Indre-et-Loire, Touraine, France: Princess Berthe de Bourgogne,daughter of Conrad I, King de Bourgogne and Mahaut=Mathilde,Princess de France; Robert had made Berthe, the beautiful widowof the Count of Anjou, his mistress in 996. But because it wasbetter to sin a little bit than to sin a lot, he married her asKing. They are related in is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.