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Marriage: Children:
  1. James Watts: Birth: 1837.

  2. Norwood Watts: Birth: 1842.

  3. Manerva Watts: Birth: 1843 in ohio.

  4. Mary Watts: Birth: 1846.

  5. Samuel Watts: Birth: 1848.

  6. Lewis Christopher Watts: Birth: 9 Jan 1855 in Greenfield ,Highland, Ohio. Death: 25 Aug 1922 in Kellog, Ia.

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a. Note:   In the 1860 census of Highland Co. Ohio there was this listing: WATTS, Samuel age 50, male Farmer (V) Nancy 45, (OH) female James 23 male Norwood 18 male Manerva 17 female Mary 14 female Samuel 12 male Lewis 6 male I have evidence that Samuels age was 59 not 50 at this time. Possible typo?
  Another source says there were eight children named Martha, Myra (Mary?), Minerva, Dora, James, Thomas, Samuel and Christopher (Lewis) There is a Microfilthe showing a Samuel and Nancy Watts Christening a Sarah Almira Watts on 9 Aug. 1835 .
  Census reporting in the 1800's was never accurate. Often times the names were not correct and if they weren't always recorded if they weren't home. According to microfilm of Highland co. Ohio, Madision twsp. Samuel was 59 at this 1860 census and was born in So. Carolina. He lived with one of his daughters, Manerva, when he died. There was further evidence that a Dora Watts was married to Wm. Caldwell. Also a Martha Watts was married to a John Turner or Alex Rogers. There is evidence that Watts family migrated from So. Carolina because they were opposed to slavery and came north with the Quakers. Samuel is buried in Rocky Spring Cemetery, Madison Twshp. Highland ,Ohio Check the notes of Samuel's parents for more notes. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.