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a. Note:   8/1/92 notes from an unknown source (perhaps the Oregon Historical society)
"William's family came to New Brunswick from Cornwall, England when he was 18 mo. old (about 1830). He lived in New Brunswick for 6 years (about 1836) then the family traveled to New York, down the Atlantic Coast, thru the Gulf of Mexico and at New Orleans boarded a river steamer and went up the Mississippi to St. Louis. They went on to Mt. Sterlimg, Ill where they lived until 1847 when they started of to Oregon (probably in the spring of 1847) with ox teams.
"While many hardships were endured on the journey, sickness, fear of Indians, fording many dangerous rivers, shortages of food and other dangers, young William, nearing 19 years of age, and taking a man's part in the duties of the trail, always referred to that summer as the happiest of his life. His ox train passed thru the Whitman station a short time before the massacre at that place, moving faster because of the threats and murmurings of the Indians which could even then be heard." Reaching the Dalles then on down the Columbia river, partly by flat boat and partly by land, they arrived in Oregon City on December 25th, 1847."
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