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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Terrell: Birth: 1685 in New Kent Co. VA. Death: 1755 in Caroline County, Virginia

  2. Mary Terrell: Birth: BET 1690 AND 1713.

  3. Betty "Anne" Terrell: Birth: 1695 in New Kent Co. VA. Death: 1734

  4. David Terrell: Birth: 1695 in Jamestown Janes Cittie Co. VA / New Kent Co. VA?. Death: 1759 in Golansville, Caroline Co. VA

  5. Henry Terrell: Birth: 1695 in Hanover Co. VA. Death: 1760 in Caroline Co. VA

  6. Joel Terrell: Birth: ABT 1700 in Pamunkey River, New Kent County, VA or Caroline County, Virginia. Death: BEF DEC 1758 in South Anna River, St. Paul's Parish, Hanover Co., VA

  7. Timothy Terrell: Birth: ABT 1705 in VA. Death: FEB 1763 in Orange Co. NC

  8. John Terrell: Birth: ABT 1705 in Jamestown Janes Cittie Co. VA / New Kent Co. VA?. Death: ABT 1785 in Franklin Co. NC USA

  9. James Terrell: Birth: ABT 1707 in New Kent Co. VA. Death: 1772 in Caroline Co. VA

  10. Susannah Terrell: Birth: ABT 1711.

  11. Person Not Viewable

  12. Anne Terrell: Death: JAN 1733/34

a. Note:   NI38428
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Birth: 1667 in New Kent County, Virginia 1 2 3 4 Note: [Everyone Combined.FTW]
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William Terrell lives in the part of New Kent that became Hanover Co. He lived on the South Side of the Pamunkey River, near the junction of the North Anna and South Anna Rivers, in an area called "the forks." We should note that some historians believe this William (the one who marries Susannah Waters) is in fact the William we show as RIN #1618, the brother of Richmond Terrell. We believe that William probably didn't stay in Virginia, but returned to England. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.