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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Johns: Birth: 10 Jan 1766 in Buckingham Co., Va. Death: ABT. 1847 in Calloway Co., Mo

  2. Judith Johns: Birth: 2 May 1768 in Buckingham Co., Va. Death: ABT 1838 in Campbell Co., Va

  3. Glover Johns: Birth: 26 Dec 1769 in Buckingham Co., Va. Death: 26 Jun 1834 in Hinds Co., Ms

  4. Anthony Benning Johns: Birth: 11 Mar 1771 in Buckingham Co., Va. Death: 18 Jul 1832 in Buckingham Co. Va

  5. Martha Johns: Birth: 27 Oct 1772 in Buckingham Co., Va. Death: AFT 1815

  6. Mary Johns: Birth: 4 Jan 1775 in Buckingham Co., Va. Death: ABT. 1855 in Sandy Springs, Tn Robertonson Co.

  7. Samuel Johns: Birth: 28 Sep 1777 in Buckingham Co., Va. Death: BEF. 1850 in Buckingham Co., Va

  8. Elizabeth Johns: Birth: 24 Mar 1779 in Buckingham Co., Va. Death: in Green Co., Ga

  9. Sarah Johns: Birth: 12 Mar 1780 in Buckingham Co. Va. Death: AFT 1815

  10. Ann Johns: Birth: 6 Mar 1781 in Buckingham Co., Va. Death: AFT 1815

  11. John Johns: Birth: 3 Jun 1784 in Buckingham Co., Va. Death: 22 Jan 1868 in Buckingham Co., Va

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a. Note:   The Johns Family The Maryland Family of Johns, from whom Johns Hopkins descends, has descendants in Virginia, but most of the Johns in Virginia trace their roots to Johns of King William County, Virginia, who came from Wales. The Johns of Buckingham County are closely related to the Johns of Charlotte and Pittsylvania Counties. They are also related to the Glovers and other prominent families of the area.
  An old Johns Bible, owned in 1927 by a descendant living in Roanoke, Virginia, stated that Col. John Johns lived in New Stoare, Buckingham County, and that Elmund Winston Johns was a noted divine.
  Using several early Bible records and other sources, the author has been able to construct the following Johns pedigree.
  Col. John Johns was born 14 Oct 1746 and died about 1821. On 28 Feb. 1766 he married Elizabeth (surname not known), born 30 October 1749, died between 1784 and 1788. They were the parents of: William M., born 10 January 1766 (sic); Edmund Winston, born 24 May 1767; Judith, born 2 May 1768; Glover, born 25 December 1769, married in 1803 Martha Jones, daughter of Joel Jones, born 1780 in Buckingham, died 1828 (Glover died in 1834 in Mississippi); Anthony Benning, born 11 March 1771; Martha, born 27 October 1772; Mary, born 4 January 1775; Samuel, born 28 September 1777; Elizabeth, born 24 March 1779; Sarah, born 12 March 1780; Ann, born 6 March 1781; John born 3 June 1784.
  Glover Johns, son of Col. John and Elizabeth, was born 25 December 1769, and died 1834 in Mississippi. He married 1803 Martha, born 1780 in Buckingham Counted, died 1828, daughter of Joel Jones. Glover and Martha (Jones) Johns were the parents of : John Jay, born 27 June 1818 in Buckingham, died 3 April 1899 at St. Charles, Missouri, married Amanda Jane Durfee; and Mary, married William Cowan.
  Thomas Johns, born about 1758, died 20 December 1794, married in 1775 Gartie Hood Flover, possible the daughter of Samuel Glover, Sr., of Buckingham, County. She married 2nd on 16 December 1799 in Pittsylvania County Charles Lewis of "The Bird" in Caswell County, N.C., near Milton, there she is buried. She had several children by her first husband, and none by her second. Most of the children by the first marriage migrated to Rutherford County, Tennessee. (Johns Family Bible Record," in Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, XXXV, 78-79).
  The book above is by Edythe Rucker Whitley. Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc. 1984.
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  JOHN JOHNS was High Sheriff of Buckingham Co., Va. from 1784 to 1785.(William & Mary Quarterly, Vol. 12, pg. 172)
  Published in the Virginia Gazette, 1 June 1775: Taken up, in Buckingham, a bay horse, 4 feet 6 inches high, 3 years oldthis spring, branded on the near buttock and on the off buttock, with astar in his forehead, has on a small bell, which is marked and tied onwith a stirrup leather. Posted, and appraised to 10L. JOHN JOHNS
  The following are from the Buckingham Co. VA Land Tax Summaries.
  JOHN JOHNS was on the Buckingham Co. tax rolls from 1782-1814. He waslisted as "Gentleman" in 1788 and as "Senior" in 1813.
  1795 JOHN JOHNS, John Epperson, Thomas Walker and Glover Johns bought100 acres from Hopkins.
  1806 JOHN JOHNS bought 100 acres from Epperson and Walker.
  1800 JOHN JOHNS sold 400 acres to Glover Johns
  1806 JOHN JOHNS sold 200 acres to William Johns
  1807 JOHN JOHNS sold 220 acres to Samuel Johns
  1813-14 JOHN JOHNS' residence was on the Buckingham Road, adjacent toGlover Johns.
  1815 JOHN JOHNS owned 459 acres of land adjacent to Samuel Johns andJames Gilliam
  1815 JOHN JOHNS sold 100 acres to Peter Francisco
  1816 The will of JOHN JOHNS gave 459 acres adjacent to Samuel Johns toJohn Johns, Jr.
  In November 2002, I received an e-mail from Russ Peck of Nashville, TN.Russ is a descendant of Mary "Polly" Johns Thompson, daughter ofElizabeth Gover and JOHN JOHNS. In Russ' possession were documents whichhad passed down and had been preserved by the ancestors of Mary JohnsThompson. Included in these documents was a copy of the Last Will andTestament of John Johns. This document is of immense importance, as thecopy placed into probate in 1815 was destroyed when the BuckinghamCounty court house burned in 1869. Until now, John Johns' LWT wasconsidered a lost document. My sincere thanks to Russ and his father,Earsel Elliott Peck, for sharing their family papers and for allowing meto post them. I have transcribed the Last Will and Testament from a copyof the original. (Bob Newsome, December 2002)
  The Last Will and Testament of JOHN JOHNS was signed on 29 April 1815 andwas placed into probate in Buckingham Co., Virginia on 12 June 1815.
  I, JOHN JOHNS of Buckingham County, do hereby make my last will andtestament in the manner and form following, that is to say:
  1st: I desire that all my past debts should be paid.
  2nd: I give to my son John Johns all my tract of land whereon I now live,lying in the county of Buckingham, except a small parcel of land lying onthe east side of the road leading to Williams Jones' mill, adjoining theNew Store tract, which small parcel of land I give to my son-in-lawWilliam Thompson.
  3rd: I give to my son Anthony Johns the tract of land whereon my son JohnJohns now lives, to be laid off on the north and south sides of the mainroad, containing two hundred and sixteen acres, the title to be made fromJohn Johns and William Thompson. The land to be laid off, beginning atthe upper end, or brickyard, and coming down both sides of the road untilyou to get ____ above named.
  4th: I give to my two daughters Martha Cock and Sarah Crawford onehundred pounds each, to be raised from the sale of part of my estate.
  5th: I give to my daughter Judith Cock two negroes (to wit) Sellar andJane.
  6th: I give to my daughter Elizabeth Wood, Phebey and her child Eda, alsoa feather bed and furniture.
  7th: I give to my son-in-law William Thompson two hundred and sixty sixpounds, which I have paid toward the purchase of the New Store tract ofland from Peter Francisco. Also I give to him all claim, either in bondsor open account, which I have against him.
  8th: I give in trust to my son Glover Johns and John Gilliam, for thebenefit of my daughter Polly Thompson and the heirs of her body, duringher natural life, the following negroes, to wit, Biddy, Darcus, Hannah,Sam, Tom, Jane and John. It's my wish also after the decease of mydaughter Polly Thompson, if she dies before William Thompson, that theabove trust and negroes should be continued for the benefit of WilliamThompson during his natural life. I also give to my daughter PollyThompson one feather bed and furniture.
  9th: I give to my daughter Nancy Johns, six negroes, to wit, Flora, Bob,Sarah, Lucy, Paulina, and Abba, Flora's mother. Also two feather beds andfurniture of her own choice and all the sheets, ____, curtains, tableclothes, which she may claim as her own manufacture. The furniture whichhas generally set in her room, including half dozen Windsor chairs, alsothe gig and choice of my ____, also all my silver plate to be dividedwith her sisters Polly Thompson and Elizabeth Wood.
  10th: I give to my son Gover Johns, two negroes, Frank and Joe.
  11th: I give to my son Samuel Johns, one negro, Allie, a feather bed andfurniture.
  12th: I give to my son John Johns one negro: Savory.
  13th: I give to my granddaughter Elizabeth Thompson one negro boy,Carter.
  14th: I give to my grandson Edmund G. Johns, son of William Johns, twohundred dollars, and to my son William Johns, five dollars.
  15th: I give to my son Glover Johns and Samuel Johns and my daughterPolly Thompson, four negroes, Fordy, Sam, Nancy and Abba, to be dividedas they may agree. not parting man and wife, my will and desire is theabove negroes to be well treated during life.
  16th: The amount of the bond executed by William Thompson and John Johnsto Lewis Wilkinson, now in the possession of Samuel Johns, to be paid outof my estate, it being a balance due from me for the purchase of land Igave to my son Anthony Johns.
  17th: The residue of my estate I wish sold, debts and monied legacies_______. The balance of my estate ___ provided ____ away to be dividedequally between my three daughters, Nancy Johns, Polly Thompson andElizabeth Wood.
  18th: If the residue of my estate should not be sufficient to pay mydebts and specific money legacies, my will and desire is that eachlegatee should bear their proportionable part, except my daughter JudithCock.
  19th: The present crop I desire to be finished, the hands and other ____thing to finish the crop to remain until the same is completed in duetime.
  20th: And lastly. I do hereby constitute and appoint my three sons,Glover, Anthony and John Johns and my sons-in-law William Thompson andEdmund Wood executors of this my last will and testament, hereby revokingall the other or former wills or testaments by me heretofore made. Inwitness whereof I have hereon to set my hand and affixed my seal, this29th day of April 1815.
  Signed and sealed in the presence of: John S. Mills P. H. Anderson Thomas C. Armstrong
  At a court held for Buckingham County the 12th day of June 1815:
  This will was proved by the oaths of John S. Mills and P. H. Anderson,two of the witnesses and sworn to by Glover Johns one of the executorstherein named and is ordered to be recorded. And on the motion of thesaid executor who enters into and acknowledges a bond with securityaccording to law, certificate is granted him for attaining a probatethereof in due form.
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