Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

Mary M Logue was born 2 AUG 1823. She was the daughter of Archibald Logue and Mary Meyers.

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Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

Archibald Logue was born 1792. He was the son of Adam Logue and Nancy Sterrett.

Mary Meyers was born 1796.

Children of Mary /Meyers/ and Archibald /Logue/ are:
  1. George Logue was born 11 AUG 1814, and died DEC 1897. He married Catherine Margaret Booth.

  2. Archibald Logue was born 22 JUL 1816 in Grove, Cameron Co, PA, and died 15 AUG 1883. He married Eliza Bailey.

  3. Adam Leverson Logue was born 24 APR 1818 in Grove Township, Cameron PA, and died 19 NOV 1893 in Wharton, Potter, PA. He married Sarah Ann Mahon. She was born 1817 in Wharton, Potter, PA, and died 18 FEB 1874 in Wharton, Potter, PA.

  4. Jane E Logue was born 2 FEB 1820.

  5. James Logue was born 20 JUL 1821.

  6. Mary M Logue was born 2 AUG 1823.

  7. Thomas Logue was born 25 MAR 1825, and died 1910.

  8. Eleanor Logue was born 6 NOV 1826, and died 1894. She married Thomas Mahon. He died 1880.

  9. Elizabeth Logue was born 27 SEP 1828.

  10. John H Logue was born 15 DEC 1830 in Grove Township, Clinton Co, PA, and died MAR 1901. He married Sarah Ann Card.

  11. Sally Ann Logue was born 14 NOV 1832, and died 26 JUN 1910. She married John Brooks. He was born 3 JUN 1824, and died 5 MAR 1903.

  12. Matilda Logue was born 1834. She married Wykhoff.

  13. Emaline Logue was born 14 FEB 1836. She married Hart.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 3

Adam Logue was born 1751 in Derry, Antrim, Ireland, and died 1799 in Carlisle PA. He was the son of George Logue and Elizabeth.

Nancy Sterrett . She was the daughter of Ralph Sterrett.

Children of Nancy /Sterrett/ and Adam /Logue/ are:
  1. Archibald Logue was born 1792. He married Mary Meyers. She was born 1796.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 4

George Logue was born ABT. 1720 in Co Derry, N Ireland, and died ABT. 1778 in Carlisle PA.

Elizabeth was born in PA, and died ABT. 1782 in PA.

Children of /Elizabeth/ and George /Logue/ are:
  1. Adam Logue was born 1751 in Derry, Antrim, Ireland, and died 1799 in Carlisle PA. He married Mary. She was born 1758, and died in Cameron Co PA.

  2. John Logue was born 1757 in County Donegal, Ireland, and died 6 JUN 1833 in Clarion, PA. He married Mary Buchanan Sprogel on ABT. 1793. She was born 1770, and died 26 AUG 1840.

  3. George Logue was born 1763, and died 8 MAR 1814 in Carlisle, PA. He married Person Not Viewable .

  4. Thomas Logue was born 12 JUL 1764 in Chester Co, PA, and died AFT. 1833 in Illinois.

  5. Jane Logue was born 25 DEC 1768, and died 6 DEC 1839.

  6. Person Not Viewable .

  7. Joseph Loguedied 19 SEP 1813 in Fort Niagara PA. He married Nancy Jumper on 11 FEB 1802 in Carlisle PA.

  8. Person Not Viewable .

  9. Person Not Viewable . He/She married Person Not Viewable .

Ralph Sterrett .

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