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Patience CLEVELAND: Birth: 12 Jan 1757 in Canterbury, Windham, Conneticut. Death: abt 1802 in Ludlow, Vermont
Pearl CLEVENGER: Birth: abt 1881 in Preble County, Ohio.
Walter CLEVENGER: Birth: Mar 1858 in Ohio.
William CLEVENGER: Birth: abt 1830 in Ohio.
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Anne CLIFTON: Birth: bef 1814.
Allie CLINE: Birth: 1878 in Ohio.
Angeline CLINE: Birth: abt 1856 in Clinton County, Ohio.
Ann CLINE: Birth: 1834 in Greene County, Ohio.
Anna M. CLINE: Birth: 21 Jun 1892 in Clinton County, Ohio.
Caleb CLINE: Birth: abt 1798 in Berkeley County, West Virginia.
Callie CLINE: Birth: 1869 in Adrian, Seneca County, Ohio.
Caspar CLINE: Birth: abt 1795 in Abbottstown, York, Pennsylvania. Death: 18 Apr 1871 in Frederick City, Frederick, Maryland
Charles S. CLINE: Birth: 17 Jan 1792 in Burlington County, New Jersey. Death: 1 Sep 1878 in Martinsville, Clinton County, Ohio
Elzina J. CLINE: Birth: 1857 in Michigan.
Ephraim Saltar CLINE: Birth: 19 Mar 1824 in New Jersey. Death: 16 Oct 1890 in Blackford County, Indiana
Frank B. CLINE: Birth: Jul 1882 in Ohio.
George R. CLINE: Birth: Apr 1852 in Clinton County, Ohio.
Hannah CLINE: Birth: 1798 in Berkeley County, West Virginia.
Hiram CLINE: Birth: 22 Apr 1790 in Frederick County, Virginia.
Ida CLINE: Birth: 1862 in Adrian, Seneca County, Ohio.
Jacob W. CLINE: Birth: 1836 in Greene County, Ohio.
Jacob CLINE: Birth: 1770 in Frederick County, Virginia.
Jacob CLINE: Birth: 1792 in Berkeley County, West Virginia.
John CLINE: Birth: 1839 in Greene County, Ohio.
Josephine CLINE: Birth: 1851 in Xenia, Greene County, Ohio.
Louisa CLINE: Birth: 1837 in Greene County, Ohio.
Maggie E. CLINE: Birth: Dec 1884 in Clinton County, Ohio.
Margaret CLINE: Birth: 1846 in Clinton County, Ohio.
Maria CLINE: Birth: 1 Apr 1883 in Clinton County, Ohio.
Maria CLINE: Birth: 1802 in Berkeley County, West Virginia.
Mary Ellen (Ella) CLINE: Birth: 16 Feb 1858 in Attica, Seneca County, Ohio. Death: 29 Jun 1942 in Lima, Allen County, Ohio
Mary W. CLINE: Birth: Mar 1894 in Clinton County, Ohio.
Mary CLINE: Birth: 1841 in Greene County, Ohio.
Nancy J. CLINE: Birth: 1849 in Clinton County, Ohio.
Nancy CLINE: Birth: 1843 in Greene County, Ohio.
Phebe CLINE: Birth: 1832 in Greene County, Ohio.
Rosa May CLINE: Birth: 30 May 1868 in Seneca County, Ohio. Death: 8 Mar 1957 in Clinton, Henry County, Missouri
Sarah CLINE: Birth: abt 1812 in Indiana.
William Clarke CLINE: Birth: Jun 1895 in Clinton County, Ohio.
William CLINE: Birth: 1848 in Greene County, Ohio.
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Mary Virginia CLISE: Birth: 9 Nov 1896 in Maryland.
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Felix CLODFELDER: Birth: 26 Jul 1791 in Davidson, North Carolina. Death: 26 Sep 1843 in Jackson twp., Fountain County, Indiana
Mary Amelia CLODFELDER: Birth: 1827 in North Carolina. Death: Jun 1897
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Forrest Rebecca CLORE: Birth: 3 Apr 1883 in Trenton, Blackford County, Indiana. Death: 12 May 1940 in Trenton, Blackford County, Indiana
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Charlotte CLOUD: Birth: 16 Aug 1838 in Westfield, Hamilton County, Indiana.
Icy B. CLOUSE: Birth: 6 Jul 1889 in Indiana.
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Lena CLOWS: Birth: abt 1822 in Pennsylvania. Death: 1852 in Ohio
Grover Randolph CLUTE: Birth: 16 Nov 1931 in California. Death: 17 Nov 1997 in Clearlake Oaks, Lake, California
George Ludwig CLYMER: Birth: 1777. Death: 16 Sep 1861 in Augusta County, Virginia
Betty COATE: Birth: Jun 1887.
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Elizabeth COATES: Birth: 26 Mar 1830 in Ohio. Death: 17 Nov 1898 in Dakota Territory
Sarah COATS: Birth: 1822 in Indiana. Death: 11 Oct 1876
Martha COBURN: Birth: 28 Oct 1811 in North Carolina.
Mary Jane COCHRAN: Birth: 1 Sep 1800 in Washington, Mason County, Kentucky. Death: 29 Dec 1879 in Belfast,Highland County, Ohio
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Harriet COCKERELL: Birth: abt 1806 in Pewtown, Frederick Co., VA.
Susannah Barbara COCKERELL: Birth: 9 May 1778 in Virginia. Death: 1823
Nancy CODY: Birth: 1768 in Rowan County, North Carolina. Death: 9 Nov 1848 in Barnardsville, Buncombe County, North Carolina
Pierce CODY: Birth: 1706 in Orange, Virginia. Death: 1768 in Rowan, North Carolina
Thomas CODY: Birth: 1727/1735 in Orange, Virginia. Death: 1810 in Buncombe, North Carolina
Minnie COE: Death: bef 1920
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Nora COFFIN: Birth: Dec 1862 in Illinois.
Fleda Irene COFFMAN: Birth: 12 Jul 1895 in Shenandoah County, Virginia. Death: 15 Jun 1967 in Shenandoah County, Virginia
Obed Milton COFFMAN: Birth: 1874.
William Levi COFFMAN: Birth: 13 Sep 1906. Death: 18 Oct 1986
William R. COFFMAN: Birth: 8 Nov 1880 in Virginia. Death: Oct 1962 in Shenandoah County, Virginia
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Frank COGSWELL: Birth: Oct 1855 in Michigan.
Lyle S. COGSWELL: Birth: Mar 1884 in Kansas.
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George COLBERT: Birth: 1804 in Virginia. Death: 5 Dec 1889 in Wells County, Indiana
George COLBERT: Birth: 1853 in Indiana.
Jesse COLBERT: Birth: 1761 in Virginia. Death: 28 Aug 1852 in Champaign County, Ohio
Louisa COLBERT: Birth: 1834 in Indiana.

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