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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elias Keyes DAINS: Birth: Nov 1802 in Brooklyn, Windham County, Connecticut. Death: 23 Jan 1893 in Farmer twp., Defiance County, Ohio

  2. George Miller DAINS: Birth: 5 Jan 1803 in Brooklyn, Windham County, Connecticut. Death: 20 Apr 1895 in Winchenden , Worcester, Massachusetts

  3. Rev. Henry Spaulding DANE: Birth: 8 Nov 1805 in Stockbridge, Vermont. Death: 1 Sep 1888 in Lake Valley, Indiana

  4. Charles Chandler DAINS: Birth: 20 Feb 1807 in Stockbridge, Vermont.

Marriage: Children:
  1. Stephen Lyons DANE: Birth: 30 Jun 1812 in Stockbridge, Vermont. Death: 1885 in Jennings County, Indiana

  2. David Cleveland DANE: Birth: 20 Feb 1815 in Stockbridge, Vermont. Death: 6 Apr 1900 in Morgan County, Indiana

  3. Matthew Wight DAINS: Birth: 6 Nov 1818 in Stockbridge, Vermont.

  4. Marshal Estabrook DAINS: Birth: 6 Nov 1818 in Stockbridge, Vermont. Death: 6 Feb 1867 in Scottsburg, Kentucky

a. Note:   ruary 1948, Accension #37322, pages 68-73 discusses the Upham Family. According to p7, Nathan Dains married Abigail Upham Wight, the daughter of Ephriam and Patience Cleveland Wight, and was also known as Mary Abigail. She was born at Monson, MA 4-24-1777." It also mentions the Wight Family History by Danforth Phipps Wight and the Cleveland Family History. Per the second Millikan Supplement, "History of the Dains Family 1666 - 1956", DAR Accension #44991 dated 1956, it states that the births of Ephriam Wights children are recorded in Stockbridge, MA where they were living. It goes on to say "(Mary) Abigail Upham Wight was the daughter of Ephraim and Abigail (Upham) Wight." The Upham comes from her mother's maiden name, The supplement goes on to say "She was called Mary Wight instead of Abigail to distinguish from her mother Abigail Upham. Her birth certificate at Monson names her Abigail Upham Wight."
  Notes by Professor Frank Burnett Dains indicates "she died at the home of her son Marshall in Indiana." Some of her other sons, Henry Spaulding Dains, (fathered by Nathan) and Stephen Lyons and David Cleveland, (fathered by Lemuel) all went to Indiana. Children by Nathan Dains are found in the records of Stockbridge, Vermont. Some confusion has been caused among genealogists because of the two distinctly different sets of children she bore to the two Dains cousins, Nathan and Lemuel.
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