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Marriage: Children:
  1. (1) Elizabeth FITZHUGH - Paradine: Birth: May 1610 in Barford, Bedfordshire, ENG..

  2. John (8G-GF) FITZHUGH: Birth: Mar 1611 / 24 in Gloucester Co., VA. or ENG.. Death: 1650 in Gloucester Co., VA.

  3. (3) William FITZHUGH: Birth: 1 Aug 1613 / 18 in Barford, Bedfordshire, ENG..

  4. (4) Henry FITZHUGH: Birth: Dec 1614 in Bedfordshire, ENG.. Death: 1664 in Cork, IRELAND

  5. (5) Francis FITZHUGH: Birth: Mar 1616 in Barford, Bedfordshire, ENG..

  6. (6) Hugh FITZHUGH: Birth: Jul 1617 in Barford, Bedfordshire, ENG.. Death: 1686 in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

  7. (7) Thomas Fitzhugh: Birth: Jan 1619 in Barford, Bedfordshire, ENG.. Death: Jan 1640

  8. (8) Peter (-) FITZHUGH: Birth: Sep 1620 in Barford, Bedfordshire, ENG.. Death: 1632 in @@ age of 12 years.

  9. (9) Robert FITZHUGH: Birth: 1622 in Barford, Bedfordshire, ENG.. Death: 1689

  10. (10) Daughter (-) FITZHUGH: Birth: 1623. Death: 1623 in died same year was born.

  11. (11) Margaret FITZHUGH - Zouch: Birth: Mar 1625 in Barford, Bedfordshire, ENG..

  12. (12) Sybil FITZHUGH - Wilson: Birth: Feb 1627.

a. Note:   Fitzhugh of Bedford County, England (born 15 Jun 1570), descended from Baron Bardolph; this Hon. William married one Margaret Smyth. Stella Pickett Hardy, "Colonial Families of the Southern States of America: A History and Genealogy of Colonial Families Who Settled in America Prior to the Revolution," Second Edition, Revised, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1968"[The Blackheath Connection, a website by Dan Byrnes]
  "One progenitor of the Virginia Fitzhughs was William Fitzhugh of Bedford County, England (born 15 June 1570), son of John Fitzhugh of Bedfordshire and Amy Negus. (Burkes Landed Gentry for Fitzhugh of Plas Power) [The Blackheath Connection, Dan Byrnes]

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