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a. Note:   Little is known of Gerald's childhood. He was given up for adoption as a boy and took the last name of the man his mother had remarried. The Catholic orphanage that took him in listed him as Kalior, though his stepfathers name may have had a different spelling such as Kaler, Kholer. This is not known. Also, his true sur name was said to have been something like Trewarthen, Trevarthen, Trevathan, or a derivitive thereof. This also is unknown. He was given up for adoption because his mother had too many children to care for. He was fostered out here and there, never treated like a part of any family. In World War 1, while in France, he fell in love with a French woman, Charlotte Vervin, and married her. She too felt neglected by her family who were known to be socialites. Gerald brought her to the U.S. and they had three children. He owned a store on Fox Island in Washington, and thereafter he owned several apartment buildings through out his life. At age 70, he picked up a brush a began painting with oils without a single lesson, and created beautiful landscapes that he gave to his children, and grandchildren. These paintings still hang on the walls of his relatives and their friends. He died from a cancerous goiter in his throat. Several months later Charlotte died. They were always very close, living their lives together since the day they met, and together their lives ended. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.