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a. Note:   Trenton Moroni Ellibee, I have but a few things I would like to write in here about him. He came to this earth to gain a body and that was all that was
 required of him to do. When Trenton was born he was 3 months early. I was
 not their when he was born on the 22nd of January but I was able to see him
 three day later. He spent all but two days of his mortal life in the hospital.
 He came home on Saturday 1 March 1997. The next day which was Sunday he went to church with his family. It was the only time he ever got to go to
 church. That day was filled with so much activity that it is hard to say what
 all happened. There is one other particular event that occured that Sunday.
 We has a family went for a walk. It wasn't a long walk but it was something we
 could do that would include Moroni. I remember how often Allison had to get
 up during the night to feed him. Monday morning was the day that Moroni was
 called home. I came home from P.T. (physical training) Allison ask for help
 for she could not wake him. I instantly knew what was going on. I told her
 that he was dying and that we had to go to the emergency room. I tried to
 make a few phone calls to try to find someone to take Taylor and Donovan that
 was to no avail. Just before we left I said I need to give him a blessing. I
 don't remember everything I said because it was all from the Spirit. Several
 things I do remember is that I said the "your parents love you" and "be a
 peace and to do our Father's will". That was the first of two blessings which
 I administered to him. The second blessing was given around 10:00 am in that
 one it was stated "Your Father in Heaven is waiting for you to come home" I
 did has I was instructed to do and that was to release my son to return to our
 Father in Heaven to live with him. Know, that he went home to our Father in
 Heaven long before the doctors say he passed away, it was only a couple of
 hours maybe not even that long when he went home. I testify that my son
 Trenton Moroni Ellibee has recieved his inheritance live for enternity. I am
 grateful that my Father in Heaven saw fit to bless my life with such a perfect
 child that all he needed to do was to come in to this life and gain a body.
 It was such a blessing to be able to see what perfection. and that it can be
 attained. Maybe not inthis life but definetly in the life to come. I love my
 and am very greatful for his example of how willing he his to do our father's
 will. I want to had just a few more thoughts before I continue on wiht some
 more work. It must to known to all those who read this that Trenton Moroni
 Ellibee was a fighter from the day that he was born. Even on the day he died.
 I do believe that he was faced with the decision to go home but knew he had to. Because after I gave him his secon blessing it took a couple of hours
 before he went home. I Love You Trenton Moroni Ellibee. You will always be
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