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Marriage: Children:
  1. Richard /LUMLEY/: Birth: ABT 1478 in Ludworth Tower,LUMLEY,Durham,England. Death: 26 MAY 1510

  2. John /LUMLEY/: Birth: ABT 1479 in LUMLEY,Durham,England. Death: AFT 1483

  3. Ann /LUMLEY/: Birth: ABT 1481 in LUMLEY,Durham,England.

  4. George /LUMLEY/: Birth: ABT 1483 in LUMLEY,Durham,England.

  5. Sibill /LUMLEY/: Birth: ABT 1485 in LUMLEY,Durham,England. Death: in ,Yorkshire,England

  6. Roger /LUMLEY/: Birth: ABT 1487 in ,LUMLEY,Durham,England. Death: AFT 1530

  7. Elizabeth /LUMLEY/: Birth: ABT 1488 in LUMLEY,Durham,England.

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