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Marriage: Children:
  1. Edmund LEETE: Birth: ABT 1522 in Of Eversden,Suffolk,Eng. Death: 1580 in Wp Aug 1580

  2. William LEETE: Birth: 1524 in Eversden,Cambridgeshire,,England. Death: 29 JUN 1560 in ,Melbourne,Camb,England

  3. Henry LEETE: Birth: ABT 1524 in ,,England. Death: BEF 1558

  4. Robert LEETE: Birth: ABT 1525 in Of Eversden,Cambridgeshire,Eng. Death: 1597 in Eversden,Cambridgeshire,,England

  5. Thomas LEETE: Birth: ABT 1526 in Of Bury St.,Edmunds,,Eng. Death: AFT 1564

  6. Edmund LEETE: Birth: ABT 1526 in Eversden,Cambridgeshire,,England. Death: 22 AUG 1551

  7. Henry LEETE: Birth: ABT 1530 in Eversden,Cambridgeshire,,England.

  8. Thomas LEETE: Birth: ABT 1532 in Eversden,Cambridgeshire,,England.

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