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Marriage: Children:
  1. Anne /LYGON/: Birth: ABT 1500 in Arle,Court,Wors.,England.

  2. Susanne /LYGON/: Birth: 1511 in Madresfield,Worcester,England.

  3. Henry /LYGON/: Birth: 1514 in Of Kingsgrove,Gloucestershire,England. Death: 31 JUL 1577 in Upton,St. Leonard,Gloucester,England

  4. Ursula /LYGON/: Birth: ABT 1515 in ,Madresfield,Worcestershire,England.

  5. Elizabeth /LYGON/: Birth: 1518 in Madresfield,Worcester,England.

  6. Miss /LYGON/: Birth: ABT 1518 in Of,Madresfield,Worcestershire,England.

  7. Margery (Mary) /LYGON/: Birth: ABT 1519 in ,Madresfield,England.

  8. Barbara /LYGON/: Birth: 1522 in Castle Hanley,Worchestershire,Eng..

  9. Ferdinando /LYGON/: Birth: ABT 1524 in ,Madresfield,England.

  10. John /LYGON/: Birth: 1526 in Castle Hanley,Worchestershire,Eng..

  11. William /LYGON/: Birth: in Of,Madresfield,Worcestershire,England. Death: 29 SEP 1567 in Of,Madresfield,Worcestershire,England

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