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Marriage: Children:
  1. Margaret Hicks: Birth: 1610 in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England. Death: 23 Aug 1670 in Clinton, Middlesex, CT

  2. Samuel Hicks: Birth: Abt 1611 in Southwark, Surrey, Eng..

  3. Ephriam Hicks: Birth: Abt 1613 in Southwark, Surrey, Eng.. Death: 2 Dec 1649

  4. Lydia Hicks: Birth: Abt 1615 in Chichester, Sussex, Eng.. Death: 1677

  5. Phebe Hicks: Birth: Abt 1616 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts. Death: 22 May 1663 in Plymouth

  6. Elizabeth Hicks: Birth: Abt 1618 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA.

  7. Daniel Hicks: Birth: Abt 1621 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA.

a. Note:   Passenger list, ship Anne, 1623 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------- Theship Anne arrived in Plymouth in July, 1623 accompanied bythe Little James, bringing new settlers along with many ofthe wives and children that had been left behind in Leydenwhen the Mayflower departed in 1620. �This ship passengerlist is reconstructed from the 1623 Division of Land, thepassenger list compiled by Charles Banks in Planters of theCommonwealth, and the research found in Eugene AubreyStratton's Plymouth Colony: Its History and Its People,1620-1691. �The author is a descendant of Anne passengersEllen Newton, Mrs. Elizabeth Warren, Anna Warren, Mrs.Barbara Standish, Mary Buckett, and Francis Sprague. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------�Annable, Anthony �Jane (Momford) Annable, wife �SarahAnnable, daughter �Hannah Annable, daughter �Bangs, Edward�Bartlett, Robert �Buckett, Mary �Brewster, Patience �FearBrewster, sister �Clarke, Thomas �Conant, Christopher�Cooke, Mrs. Hester (Mahieu) �Jane Cooke, daughter �JacobCooke, son �Hester Cooke, daughter �Dix, Anthony �Faunce,John �Flavel, Mrs. Elizabeth �Flood, Edmond �Fuller, Mrs.Bridget (Lee) �Godbertson, Godbert �Sarah(Allerton)(Vincent)(Priest) Godbertson, wife �SamuelGodbertson, son �Sarah Priest, step-daughter �Mary Priest,step-daughter �Hatherly, Timothy �Heard, William �Hicks,Mrs. Margaret �Samuel Hicks, son �Lydia Hicks, daughter �Hilton, Mrs. William �William Hilton, son �Mary Hilton,daughter �Holman, Edward �Kempton, Manasseh �Long, Robert�Mitchell, Experience �Morton, George �Juliana Morton,wife �Nathanial Morton, son �John Morton, son �EphraimMorton, son �Patience Morton, daughter �Sarah Morton,daughter �Morton, Thomas Jr. �Newton, Ellen �Oldham, John �Mrs. Oldham, wife �Lucretia Oldham, sister �Palmer, Mrs.Frances �Penn, Christian �Pierce, Abraham �Pratt, Joshua�Rand, James �Rattliff, Robert �Mrs. Rattliff, wife �Snow, Nicholas �Southworth, Alice (Carpenter) �Sprague,Francis �Anna Sprague, wife �Mercy Sprague, daughter �Standish, Mrs. Barbara �Tilden, Thomas �(Ann?) Tilden,wife �child Tilden �Tracy, Stephen �Wallen, Ralph �JoyceWallen, wife �Warren, Mrs. Elizabeth �Mary Warren,daughter �Elizabeth Warren, daughter �Anna Warren, daughter�Sarah Warren, daughter �Abigail Warren, daughter is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.