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Marriage: Children:
  1. Gerrit Gerritse Lansing: Birth: ABT. 1640. Death: JUL 1708

  2. Reyer Gerritse Lansing: Birth: BET. 1640 - 1655.

  3. Henderik Gerritse Lansing: Birth: ABT. 1642. Death: JUL 1709

  4. Johannes Gerritse Lansing: Birth: ABT. 1644. Death: FEB 1727/28

  5. Gysbertje Gerritse Lansing: Birth: ABT. 1646. Death: BEF. 5 DEC 1695

  6. Hilletie Gerritse Lansing: Birth: ABT. 1648. Death: BEF. MAR 1714/15

  7. Geertruy Lansing: Birth: ABT. 1675.

a. Continued:   Elizabeth Hendrix by Stefan Bielinski
  Elizabeth Hendrix was the matriarch of the Lansing family - the largest family group to live in early Albany.
  She was born in the Netherlands between 1610 and 1620. By 1640, she had married Gerrit Frederickse Lansing. With their six children, these Lansings emigrated to New Netherland and settled in what became Beverwyck where Lansing was known as baker.
  Following the death of Gerrit Frederickse - perhaps during the mid-1650s, Elizabeth Hendrix married another baker, widower Wouter Albertse Van Den Uythoff. They became Albany mainstays in a second marriage that lasted more than four decades.
  In 1678, Wouter and Elizabeth filed a joint will. She was characterized by the notary as "virtuous" but "sickly." The will noted that their marriage produced no children but that she had six children from her first marriage living at the time.
  She was accounted for within the household of Wouter Albertse on the Albany census of 1697. In 1699, Wouter was dead and she was identified as his widow!
  Sources: The life of Elizabeth Hendrix (spelled variously) is CAP biography number 3061. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. We seek defining information on her origins!
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