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Marriage: Children:
  1. Gerrit Gerritse Lansing: Birth: ABT. 1640. Death: JUL 1708

  2. Reyer Gerritse Lansing: Birth: BET. 1640 - 1655.

  3. Henderik Gerritse Lansing: Birth: ABT. 1642. Death: JUL 1709

  4. Johannes Gerritse Lansing: Birth: ABT. 1644. Death: FEB 1727/28

  5. Gysbertje Gerritse Lansing: Birth: ABT. 1646. Death: BEF. 5 DEC 1695

  6. Hilletie Gerritse Lansing: Birth: ABT. 1648. Death: BEF. MAR 1714/15

  7. Geertruy Lansing: Birth: ABT. 1675.

a. Continued:   Gerrit Frederickse Lansing by Stefan Bielinski
  Gerrit Frederickse was the father of the Lansing family - the most numerous family group to live in early Albany. He may have been born in Hassel, the Netherlands about 1610. His wife was Elizabeth Hendrix - the mother of six Lansing children. All of their children were born prior to thier move to America.
  He may have come to New Netherland about 1640 and then returned to Holland. Or he may have lived out his days in America. He was identified as a baker - an enterprise that stayed with the family through subsequent generations!
  Although sometimes confused with his son and namesake, Gerrit Frederickse was dead by October 1679. At that time, he was identified as "deceased" and "in his lifetime," a "burgher of Hassell." His widow had remarried and was living in Albany. A more specific senario fixes his death during the 1650s.
  Through ten generations before 1800, his descendants constituted the largest early Albany family!
  Sources: The life of Gerrit Frederickse Lansing is CAP biography number 3060. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.
  Power of Attorney from the children of the deceased granted to agents in Holland to collect their inheritance. Printed in ERA, vol. II, pp. 64-65.
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