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a. Continued:   Eva Cuyler Van Driessen by Stefan Bielinski
  Eva Cuyler was born before 1683. She was the daughter of Albany trader Hendrick Cuyler and his wife Anna Schepmoes Cuyler.
  In August 1712, she married Petrus Van Driessen - the new dominie of the Albany Dutch church. By 1722, he had baptized their five children in his church. As the wife of the Dutch Reformed minister, Eva enjoyed high status in her native city. Their Albany home was attended by several servants and adorned with fine furnishings and works of art.
  Eva lost her husband in February 1738. His will left her the use of his entire, substantial estate during her widowhood. That estate included an Albany house and personal property, a house in New York, and land on the Mohawk. "Sick and weak, she filed her own will in April 1750. It parcelled out her substantial legacy to children and grandchildren.
  Although her name was not included on a census of Albany householders made in 1756, the widow Eva Cuyler Van Driessen lived six more years before dying in August 1756. She was buried from her husband's former church.
  Sources: The life of Eva Cuyler Van Driessen is CAP biography number 525. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. Her will mentioned a portrait as "my own picture."
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